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Oishi Sushi

Oishi Sushi

Name:Oishi Sushi
Address:1455 Riverdale Street,West Springfield, MA, 01089
Phone:(413) 886-0101
Opened:11.30am - 10pm
Reviews:"A new place with out beer or other drinks. Has a very small Sushi Bar. The owner's are just starting out and with time it may become a fun place to go. Now it needs work on the inside as well as how to run a Sushi bar for people who like intresting dish's. Not a place to come to when visiting from Germany. "
- Steve Schneider ( [Feb 1st 2005]
"Excellent sushi and personable staff. This has quickly become our favorite spot by ourselves or with friends. Best sushi in the area - hands down. "
- Jeremy Groleau [Jan 9th 2006]
"This is te best place in Western MA, I love sushi and I have had it at the finest places and this is one of the best. "
- MIKE ( ) [April 7th 2006]
"The second and third reviews posted made it seem as if Oishi had made a lot of progress since the first reviewer visited, but that seems not to be the case. Oishi is definitely not the place for experienced sushi eaters, but rather for beginners. The interior is cute, but the waitress seemed very inexperienced. The menu, mysteriously, did not have a la carte sushi or sashimi pricing, which is a bad business move as hardcore sushi eaters can easily rack up a large check ordering in that fashion. Also fairly common items such as white tuna and ikura (large roe) were not available. For a much better experience in southwestern MA, try Iron Chef in Longmeadow; small, but a much better and fresher selection, larger sushi, and a very welcoming owner. "
- Jeffrey Flood (Sep 12th 2006]

West Springfield

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