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Northhampton, USA/Massachusetts.

Taipei & Tokyo Tea Pot Restaurant

Taipei & Tokyo

Name:Taipei & Tokyo
Address:18 Main Street, Northhampton, MASS 01060
Phone:(413) 582-7029
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11.30am - 10pm, Fri,Sat: 11.30am - 11pm, Sun: 12.30pm - 10pm
Review:" I have been to Northhampton many times to visit accounts I work with but this was the first time I have stoped at Tatipei & Tokyo. One enters the rest past crammed tables to the five seat Sushi bar. All the tables were full but I was alone at the Bar. The two Japanese chefs were hard at work. They smiled when I started to talk to them and I know I was in good hands. I ordered three hand roll Spicy Tekka Maki, Spicy Red Snapper and an Unagi Avocado Maki. Each was about a half pound full of Tuna,Red Snapper and several large cuts of eel. At $ 4.25 each at lunch time it was a real deal. I´ll be back for dinner another time. "
- Steve Schneider [September 6th 1998]


Tea Pot Restaurant

Name:Tea Pot Restaurant
Address:116 Main Street, Northhampton, MA 01060
Phone:(413) 585-9308 or (413) 585-0880
Review:"Excellent Maki. Delicious, and attractively served. My brother and I both ordered the Maki Combination (California Roll, Cucumber Roll, and Salmon Roll) and each plate was cut and arranged differently. However, on another occasion, I ordered the Sushi Dinner. This was lacking in variety. Rather than providing interesting choices such as squid or octopus, the plate consisted of two shrimp, two salmon, two white fish and another pair. Also included was a California Roll, which was excellent as I have said. All and all, the Sushi is very good. As a side note, the tempura is amazing. "
- Justin Beneitone [August 2nd 2002]


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