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Misaki Ying's


Address:379 West Main Street, Hyannis, MA 02601
Phone:(508) 771-3771
Fax:(508) 771-4431
Opened:Noon-2.30pm, 5pm -
Reviews:"Consistently great sushi with imported fresh fish from Japan, great atmosphere with humorous sushi chefs."
- Daitha Neligan ([December 28th 2000]
"A very clean and fresh looking place, with two rooms for dinner a small 8 person Sushi Bar with the fresh fish coming to there door all week long. The must haves are SUSHI BIBINPPA ( fresh fish and vegetables surved over plain sushi rice with a spicy sauce); Omakase Sushi or Sashimi Combination, its the Chefs selection of the day . This dish changes each time you have it at $40 for a dinner for two. Their large Sapporo to drink save room for the Fried Banana for dessert. Misaki is 8 and 1/2 stars out of 10 in my book. "
- Steve Schneider ( [June 16th 2001]
"It's a fact I've come to live with: Even if you're at the sushi bar, and even if you order Omekase onegaishimasu, sometimes you get treated like a gaijin. Well, fine, I am a gaijin. I know when I get food from a kohai, I'm getting treated like a second-class citizen. Was it my girlfriend's fault that she ordered 'all sushi' instead of 'sashimi'? Maybe, but the $80 plate that followed full of california rolls, tunna maki, and silly little cream-cheese maki was inexcusable. This place reeks of potential, and I'm sure that if you're a regular or visible high-roller (no pun intended), or maybe if you're a 50 year old japanese gentleman that's been eating o'toro since he could crawl, you'll get the freshest, best-prepared, most yummy sushi in eastern mass. However, until I ordered idtako and baby crabs, I was treated like a newbie. Listen, this place is great, and the the food that didn't touch my plate looked first-class. However, I recommend that if you roll in here, roll in with the thunder or they won't respect you enough to keep the tail sections uncut. "
- Hans Schneider ( [Oct 26th 2008]



Name:Thai,Japanese,Korean and Sushi Bar
Address:59 Center Street, Hyannis, MA. 02601
Phone:(508) 780-2432
Fax:(508) 790-9340
Opened:Mon- Thur: - 10pm, Fri,Sat: 11am-11pm, Sun: 11am-10pm
Review:" Sushi Lunch with Miso Soup for $7.95. With dinner the party boat in large is $75.95 and will feed three sushi lovers. It's a strange lay out with lots of rooms the food is good. "
- Steve Schneider ( [Dec 13th 2002]
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