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Bizen Gon San Japanese Restaurant Kintaro
Shiro The East


Address:17 Railroad Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230
Phone:(413) 528-4343
Reviews:"Organic vegetables! (Im a vegetarian. My friends who are not, say the fish is great). The owner is a potter who studied in Japan and has a huge anagama kiln. He makes all the bowls, plates, serving dishes etc. that are used in the restaurant. They are beautiful and add to the ambiance. Its a small restaurant, but well done."
- Joan-Claire Veriditas ( [June 13th 1997]
"I have visited sushi restaurants around the US and many international...This is clearly one of the BEST!! Top notch sushi is not to be expected in western Massachusetts, but believe me this place is worth going out of the way for! They recently expanded the restaurant and added private booths ($10 table charge), a fantastic Robata grill, and an expanded sake selection. Try the Bizen tartar with a quails egg if you are adventurous!! "
- Scott Frerichs [September 14th 2001]
"Never have I been so led astray by the Sushi Guide. The sushi was lack luster, and the service just plain horrible. It took a solid hour for our salads to arrive. It was nice to be in a tatatmi room, b/c I was able to get in a little nap while waiting for the food to come."
- [Nov 15th 2005]
"I couldn't agree more. Some of the worst service I've ever had. I've been there several times and never had timely service. The food was always good, environment beautiful, but don't go hungry."
- [Dec 28th 2005]
"I could not dissagree more with the previous two reviews!!! I recently visited Bizen and I was astonished by the quality of the sushi. All the fish was fresh, organic, and delightful. The service was good (the food arrived 10 minutes after I ordered) and the atmosphere in Bizen is un-comparable to any Japaneese rusturant I've ever been to in my life. Bizen has some of the best cousine that I have ever experienced in my life!!! Thanks Bizen [Feb 12th 2006] ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- This place gets busy on Saturday nights but I have never waited very long for food. It is one of the best sushi places I have been to and I work and eat in NYC. "
- Scott Alley ( [May 12th 2006]

Great Barrington

Gon San Japanese Restaurant

Name:Gon San Japanese Restaurant
Address:70 Railroad Street, Great Barrington, MA
Phone:(413) 644-6494
Fax: (413) 644-9770
Opened:Lunch & Dinner
Review:" Sushi two times a day? YES!! See a movie--have Sushi before or after. The Sushi Bar is up stairs, the dining is outside and down the stairs. A cool place to have a drink and the food kick it up a notch and ask for everything extra hot. "
- Steve Schneider ( [September 30th 2001]

Great Barrington


Address: 287 Main Street (down alleyway),Great Barrington,Massachusetts
Phone:(413) 528-5678
Review:" First sushi restaurant in Great Barrington (1985?). Kintaro is owned and operated by Chef Hideo Kukuchi. Everything is wonderful, and one can almost always get a table. In a town where there are 7 places to get sushi, this is the place to go. "
- Catherine Schane-Lydon ( [September 28th 2001]

Great Barrington


Address:105 Stockbridge Road,Great Barrington,MA 01230
Phone:(413) 528-1898
Fax:(413) 528-6798
Opened:Mon-Fri: Noon-3pm,Daily: Dinner
Review:" I was visiting a new account of my kayak company and was going to eat at BIZEN as it has received good write ups un the Sushi World Guide when I pased SHIRO and thought to have lunch there. There Sushi bar is very small with only 5 places, most of the dinners were at tables.I ordered the LOBSTER TEMPURA ROLL (lobster;scallion;inside/out with avocado and caviar) and two pieces of NUI with egg on the sushi;and Shiro hade just gotten in fresh Scallop which I had mixed with a hot special sauce. It was very good food. "
- Steve Schneider ( [September 30th 2001]

Great Barrington

The East

Name:The East
Address:305 Stockbridge Road , Great Barrington, MA
Phone:(413) 528-8850
Opened: Lunch & Dinner
Reviews:"Yes another Place in Great Barrington, they told me that they are now changing to more Japanese foods. I had Sweet Shrimp and Striped Bass and Yellow Tail as Sashimi and yellow tail hand role that was the size of two hand roles. "
- Steve Schneider ( [September 30th 2001]
"Great people, just newly renovated and casual atmosphere. Kid friendly and very affordable. They have changed some of their recipes and it is all quite tasty! Homepage: "
- [Dec 28th 2005]

Great Barrington

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