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Nichi Bei Kai Sushi King Sushi Sono

Nichi Bei Kai

Name:Nichi Bei Kai
Address:9400 Snowden River Parkway S, Suite 120, , Columbia, MD 21045
Phone:(410) 381-5800
Fax:(410) 381-6370
Opened:Tue-Fri: 11.30am-2:30pm, 5.30pm-10pm
Reviews:"This is my favorite restaurant for sushi and sashimi in the Columbia area. In addition to the sushi bar, they have Habachi table-side cooking, which is excellent as well. The skill of the chefs and friendliness of the entire staff make for a most enjoyable meal!"
- Steve Morgan
"A Japanese steak house and sushi restaurant. The sushi is out of this world. Chefs are very creative and open to customer requests. They have a wonderful local selection: Soft shell crab roll! Outstanding!"
- Rich Hartman
"From the service to the food, you will find Nichi Bei Kai the perfect place to dine. All walks of life gather at this restaurant for good food, drink and conversation. This is Columbia's best kept secret! by Dawn of Columbia, MD My sisters and I love dining at Nichi Bei Kai. Its the best Japanese food we've ever experienced. The salad is delicious, the entrees are wonderful. Excellent, the food is great. Very reasonably priced for lunch and dinner prices are reasonable too. by Sonya L. Smith, Baltimore MD "
- [May 5th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi King

Name:Sushi King
Address:6490 Dobbin Road, Columbia, MD 21045
Phone:(410) 997-1269
Fax:(410) 997-1266
Opened:11am - 3pm, 5pm - 10pm, closed Sundays
Reviews:"Excellent food, extensive menu, friendly, fast service. Pleasant, cozy atmosphere. Small bar for those who want to stop for a drink. Full sushi bar seating 10. To one side, ´private´ rooms for parties of 4 or more. My family and I have been enjoying meals there for about eight years. I would put Sushi King on a par with the best sushi restaurants I have eaten in."
- David A. Dammen ( [November 9th 1997]
"The sushi was excellent, but the yellow tail rolls lacked in flavor. Also, the miso soup was WAY too sweet to my liking. There is no happy hour. "
- Elliot [Dec 28th 2005]


Sushi Sono

Name:Sushi Sono
Address:10215 Wincopin Circle, Columbia MD 21044
Phone:(410) 997-6131
Opened:Closed Sundays
Reviews:"The finest Japanese food and the best setting in Columbia or the surrounding area. Located in downtown Columbia with a view of beautiful Lake Kittamakundi, Chef and Owner King creates wonderful dishes. The service is excellent, the prices are not cheap but fair. "
- David A. Dammen ( [August 3rd 2002]
"This is one of the best sushi-restaurants, I've ever been to. The food is really fresh, selection is very large, several japanese beverages available, very friendly service, high-quality-kitchen and pretty fast,too ! Pricing (well, not cheap) BUT QUALITY: WOW !!!! For a sushi-fan: A MUST TO VISIT!!! "
- Sebastian Stahl ( [Oct 21st 2003]
"I've been to Sushi Sono 5-6 times over the past three years. It was at the top of my all-time list for the D.C. metro area... UNTIL NOW. I had dinner there Nov. 4th 2003 and I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. No hostess. No shibori. Nasty dull spoiled sushi. Over-ripe avocado. Fake crabmeat in the Deluxe. I was lucky to make it home, I was in the bathroom all night. "
- Martin Thurn ( [Nov 6th 2003]
"I went to Sushi Sono last night with a friend and will never return. The service during the meal was acceptable but after you pay - they want you out quickly. I have never been so insulted in my life. Having frequented hundreds of restaurants around the country, I have Never been asked to leave. The waitress came to our table and stated 'I will have to ask you two to leave, we have many people waiting and you too have been here too long'. What is too long? 1 1/2 hours for a meal? I was appalled and left quickly vowing never to return. If you plan on leisurely meal think again before going here! Rude service. "
- [March 8th 2004]
"I am sushi fanatic, and Sushi Sono is one of my absolute favorite sushi restaurants in the US. I live in Virginia, but occassionally make the one-hour drive to Maryland for this tasty treat. The sushi is fresh, the specials are incredible, and the service is great. We usually get a private room (requires a minimum purchase) for a couple hours -- this is great for families with small children. You do have to leave when the time's up, so as not to delay the parties after you, but the staff was always very polite and I don't see this as a negative thing. Anyway, check it out! Ajay Batra [March 5th 2005] ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------- Since years, I am regular customer in this tiny, wonderfull, always packed sushi place in town. Service used to have failed for a short period of time in 2004, but as ZAGAT \'05 rates SUSHI SONO again as one of the best on site an within the entire region...I just can say: GO THERE, EAT THERE, BE THERE. Sebastian Stahl ([July 12th 2005] ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ------- Service is brusque. Menu is limited if you want something other than sushi. Sushi is generally very good and view is nice, but I doubt I will be back because of the service. Service is quick, but not always polite or satisfactory, not a nice place to relax. EJG [Aug 15th 2005] ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ------- I did not like sushi in general but my husband is a huge fan of sushi. Sushi Sono was recommended to us by friends as soon as my husband had his first bite he was amazed. The freshness alone would have made him a repeat customer. He suggested that I try sushi one more time and that we have it Sushi Sono and I did, now I am more of a fan than he is. I have even begun to eat things that he hasn't tried. I don't know what I am going to do when I move away from MD, Where am I going to find a place that makes a bridal veil(My absolute favorite roll)? Toni, Columbia Md [Dec 5th 2005] ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- I just moved from Dallas and have been looking for a good sushi restaurant in Maryland. Last Friday, this place was packed and the sushi couldn't have been better. The toro tartare just melted in my mouth. The dragon roll was fantastic and I'd highly recommend it. Everything was very fresh. about the ibnly complaint I'd have is that when it's very busy, the people waiting for a table are all crammed together at the tiny, tiny reception area. make a reservation in advance and you'll be happy you did. "
- Warren [March 20th 2006]
"Visit for specials and upcoming events. "
- Stephanie Lin ( [Mar 4th 2009]
Link:Restaurant Website
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