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Seven Seas

Seven Seas

Name:Seven Seas
Address:8503 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740
Phone:(301) 345-5807
Opened:11am - 10 pm
Reviews:"Inexpensive and edible. Limited variety but fresh and prompt, friendly service. "
- Biren Amin ( [December 17th 2001]
"Very allergy unfriendly. Couldn't find anyone to ask questions. Waiters ignored us. Tried to hide the fact that no one knew what was in their food. Spent almost an hour trying to find information. After agreeing to cook food, owner changed her mind and refused to even serve us! Very unprofessional. "
- College Park Student [Feb 20th 2006]
"The worst sushi experience in my entire life of sushi. The Maguro, Shiromi, Saba, Ika, Sake (fresh & smoked), and everything I ordered was either over-frozen or scented with the distinct flavor of age 'preservation by paper towel and plastic film' .Their house rolls were over-spiced with go-chu-chan and mayonnaise and over-priced to a ridiculous degree. As I recommend to real sushi lovers (not buffet-people), never waste the time and money at this Chinese restaurant, which cannot make real Japanese sushi. "
- K.J. [Aug 10th 2007]

College Park

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