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Nagasaki Inn Seki's Sugano Japanese Restaurant
Tachibana Tokyo Sushi

Nagasaki Inn

Name:Nagasaki Inn
Address:439 Redding Road, Lexington, KY
Phone:(606) 272-1858
Reviews:" We have eaten sushi in many cities and countries, and this is some of the best. The fish is fresh and the cuts are generous. Plus, the Sushi chiefs are friendly and polite. We highly recommend it. "
- Gary and Barbara Thompson ( [August 2nd 1999]
" The GOOD: -Nagasaki is conveniently located, yet far away enough from some of the 'hustle and bustle' of Lexington. -They offer a large menu selection (especially for your friends who are scared of sushi). -Service is generally friendly (But you will get an occasional aloof server). -Fish is fresh and palatable and rivals many mid-range sushi places in larger cities. The BAD: -Cost: You won't get full here (or anywhere else in Lexington)for less than $40/pp. The Dinner 'Combos' are a better deal. Bring your credit card if you want to order a la carte. -Atmosphere: It's a bit dull. -Cleanliness: Eating areas are sometimes a bit unkempt. -Hours: They have only lunch and dinner hours, which makes it a real pain if you're dying for some Nigiri and donburi at 2:30pm. In short, if I'm going to spend $80+ on dinner for two, I just expect a bit more for my dollar. You probably won't leave disappointed, it's just not all that sushi was meant to be. "
- Chris Daniel ( [December 2nd 2001]



Address:1093 South Broadway, Lexington, KY 40504
Phone:(859) 254-5289
Review:"What a find! This is an excellent, family run sushi bar with lots of quirks & character. Very fair-priced, friendly and good food. There is no ambiance and you have to get your own drinks from the cooler (beer & sodas) but that is okay with the money you save going to other sushi bars. Sushi comes out quick and the sushi chef checks at your table to be sure you are happy. We came when they opened, but from what I understand, you must make a reservation as it is very popular with the locals so to sit down in a reasonable amount of time does require a reservation. Usually, my family will spend over a $100 for a sushi dinner. Our bill was under $50 and we had leftovers. A must try restaurant! "
- L. Guzman ( [July 18th 2005]


Sugano Japanese Restaurant

Name:Sugano Japanese Restaurant
Address:1533 Eastland Parkway, Suite #7, Lexington, KY 40505
Phone:(859) 294-4464
Fax:(859) 294-4464
Opened:Tue-Sun: 5.30pm - 10.30pm
Reviews:"Great Japanese food. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone, Japanese or American, visiting Lexington. If you love Japanese food, you will love Sugano Japanese Restaurant. Watch out for the talking fish when you enter. "
- Gary Kirby ( [August 12th 2003]
"I visited Sugano one evening on a Wednesday at approx. 8PM. It was excellent. The area is not too big, not too small. If you are looking for a cultural experience, you will find many Japanese people there. In the evening, Japanese business men will be there. The food is delicious, but served very quickly. I had Tonkatsu, edamame (soybeans), California Roll, and Vegetable & Shrimp tempura. They have a HUGE menu however. They also have many beers, sake, and even wine. The area is clean and the service is good. The people who work there are the owner who is an older man with lots of energy, some young men who cook in the very back, and the waitresses are young adults who are really nice. It seems to be the hangout sometimes for the family of the workers though, they stay in another area however. "
- [March 3rd 2005]
"Suganos by far is the best sushi place in Lexington. Its cheaper than Tachibanas, but the quality is equal if not better, and you dont need a reservation like at seki. One of the only places in Lexington that you can get really good Toro(fatty tuna) and many other unique japanese dishes. Thursday is a very good night to go, me and my friends eat here and only here when we want really good sushi. "
- Kyle ( [July 11th 2005]



Address:785 Newtown Ct. Lexington, KY
Phone:(606) 254-1911
Reviews:"Built primarily to serve the Japanese employees of the Georgetown, Ky Toyota Motor Plant. Has Very excellent Japanese Food. I eat there often and the sushi is better than most places in and outside of the United States (IMHO)."
"Great sushi bar. I wish we had such a good bar in Louisville."
- Matthew Riedinger ( [February 1st 1998]


Tokyo Sushi

Name:Tokyo Sushi
Address:115 N Locust Hill Drive, Lexington, KY 40509
Phone:(859) 266-3166
Reviews:"This is my personal favorite of all the local sushi places I have tried. It's very small (seats around 6-8 at the bar, and maybe 20 at tables), and distinctly no-frills, but the prerequisite ceramic cats and bamboo arrangements around the bar lend a charming, personal touch to an otherwise stark atmosphere. Of course, all of the tablewear is beautiful. The chef is obviously a sushi master. I have never before seen sashimi and nagiri cut with such elegance and grace. The menu is almost laughably extensive, and quite reasonably priced. My friend and I ordered two large platters, a pitcher of sake, and Sapporo, and paid $40, including a $10 tip. The lunch menu is even cheaper, but with the same size portions. The chef, a very affable man, told me that they will soon be instituting a Karaoke night on Tuesdays. "
- Milly ( [June 1st 2004]
"I've traveled near and far,across the United states,and no other place compares. Tokyo Sushi is the best sushi restaurant in Lexington hands down. The service was excellent and friendly. Whether you are a sushi expert or beginner,Tokyo sushi has something for everyone. "
- Erin [June 19th 2007]
"My personal favorite from Lexington, KY all the way to Tucson, AZ. Each piece is treated with care as it is made. The Yellow Tail Tuna melts in your mouth every time. "
- David Hicks ( [Feb 20th 2009]


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