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Fuji Hakari Ichi-Ban Sushi
Kaiyo Sushi Gin


Name:Fuji Japanese Sushi Bar & Steak House
Address:8619 West 95th Street, Overland Park. KS 66212
Phone:(913) 648-1118
Fax:(913) 383-3190
Review:"Excellent sushi preparation and presentation, steakhouse is good - excellent cheap prices, can get full portion Hibachi and two orders of Sushi for under $ 10.00"
- Brian ( [November 26th 1998]

Overland Park


Name:Hakari Japanese Steak House / Sushi
Address:9058A Metcalf, Overland Park, KS 66212
Phone:(913) 341-2622
Reviews:"Recommended to me by another out of towner, Hakari was a very nice experience. The Spicy Tuna was excellent."
- John Strong (
"Returned with business guests. Second visit was VERY disappointing. The sushi was ruined by some dry sticky rice and the fish portions were smaller than the first visit. My associates were disappointed by the Hibachi, the cook was inexperienced and used way too much soy sauce. Hakari is off my list."
- John Strong ( [January 6th 1998]
"The WORST sushi I've ever had. I couldn't eat it after two bites. The rice was extremely gooey and warm, the fish not so fresh, but I really couldn't taste it due to the overpowering flavor of 'Feet' coming from the rice. The sushi chef was coughing the whole time and the hostess wiped her nose with her hand as she sat us. I wanted to leave and didn't think we should pay for such horrible food, but my boyfriend choked the food down and insisted on paying. We went to Jun's on state line afterward so I could get something *WONDERFUL* to eat. I was wondering if I'd ever be able to eat sushi again after this place. DON'T GO even if someone is holding a gun to your head. HORRID. "
-[Aug 21st 2005]

Overland Park

Ichi-Ban Sushi

Name:Ichi-Ban Sushi
Address:Overland Park, Kansas
Reviews:"Cuts daikon by hand and makes sushi in the traditional way."
- Peggy Oba
"Very good Sushi at a reasonable price. Who would have thought that good sushi can be found in Kansas... but yes! Was a little small, but very flavorful. It contends with Sushi I have had on west coast and east coast. I would recommend Ichi-Ban. "
- scott ( [August 8th 2001]

Overland Park


Address:4308 West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS
Phone:(913) 663-1663
Fax:(913) 663-1668
Review:"Traditional Japanese ramen and soba, tofu dishes, pork cutlets. Sushi is very fresh!!! "
- Peggy Oba ( [June 28th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website

Overland Park

Sushi Gin

Name:Sushi Gin
Address:9559 Nall, Overland Park, Kansas
Phone:(913) 649-8488
Reviews:"Incredible sushi consistently...we go every Tuesday for ß1 sushi happy hour...very helpful and knowledgable sushi chef."
- Jeanne [July 3rd 2000]
"Worst customer services ever."
- [May 9th 2005]
"The Sushi here is OK, the interior isnít fancy but the service is very good. I have been a Sushi Gin customer for over 6 years and have always sat at the Sushi bar. On our last visit the owner accused my wife and myself of never tipping, had never seen us tip and when I told him we always put 15-20% in cash in the tip jar and not on or credit cards, I was accused of being a liar because he always checked the jar when we left. Since it was late, we were there and had driven out of our way to get there, we decided to eat anyway. While we were eating, we never got an apology and once we paid and tipped our 20% in the tip jar, we left and will not be back. I plan on spending my $900 or so dollars from our 12-15 sushi meals a year somewhere other then Sushi Gin. I canít say too much positive about the owner. "
- Curtis ( [Jan 30th 2007]

Overland Park

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