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Sioux City, USA/Iowa.

Fuji Bay

Fuji Bay

Name:Fuji Bay
Address:333 Jackson Street, Sioux City, IA 51101
Phone:(712) 233-1520
Reviews:"I'm addicted to this restaurant. It's a bit pricey, but sushi in Iowa?!? I'll pay the price! "
- Carrie Radloff ( [February 12th 2003]
"Who would have thought that little Sioux City, IA would have some of the best, freshest sushi available. Excellent. "
- Carrie Newman ( [Oct 21st 2003]
"I take back what I said about it being pricey. It costs the same as mid-scale sushi places I've visited in Miami and in Washington, D.C. We regularly spend about $45 for two, but that includes multiple sake and beer. Email me if you want to go sometime, but can't convince anyone else! "
- Carrie Radloff ( [June 16th 2004]

Sioux City

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