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Aoeshe General Sushi Sushi Kicchin
Sushi PoPo Takanami Three Samurai


Address:624 Gilbert Street, Iowa City, IA 52240
Phone:(319) 351-7000
Review:"Aoeshe Restaurant serves Japanese, Korean, and Chinese dishes, and they have a full time sushi chef. While their speciality lies in the Korean fare, all the food is excellent, and next time you visit, try their Iowa Maki or Pizza Maki! (p.s. Aoshe is actually I.C.'s oldest Japanese restaurant, openend in 1988!) "
- Anna K ( [Dec 13th 2004]

Iowa City

General Sushi

Name:General Sushi
Address:1853 Lower Muscatine Rd. (near Sycamore Mall), Iowa City, IA
Phone:(319) 337-8801
Fax:(319) 337-8806
Review:"Opened in 2004. General Sushi has a wide selection of sushi served fresh, a nice staff, a pleasant atmosphere, and a daily lunch buffet. "
- Anna Orange ( [Dec 14th 2004]

Iowa City

Sushi Kicchin

Name:Sushi Kicchin
Address:201 S. Clinton St., Ste 170, Iowa City,IO
Phone:(319) 338-1606
Review:"Its fast fresh and friendly. "
- Tom [Sep 26th 2007]

Iowa City

Sushi PoPo

Name:Sushi PoPo
Address:725 Mormon Trek Boulevard, Iowa City, IA 52246
Phone:(319) 338-7676
Fax:(319) 338-5829
- Doug Schneider ( [July 13th 2000]
"The oldest sushi restaurant in Iowa City. The sushi is great,definitely the best in town."
- [Feb 25th 2004]
"Sushi Popo's presentation, service, prices, and overall quality & satisfaction provided, are unparalleled. Their hardworking staff provides nothing but the freshest, tastiest sushi found this side of the Missouri! Don't miss out on a visit to Sushi Popo! "
- Anna Marie ( [Dec 13th 2004]

Iowa City


Address:217 Iowa Ave., Iowa City, IA 52240
Phone:(319) 351-5125
Reviews:"Great sushi, the other food is hit-or-miss. "
- Nicholas R. lariviere ( [August 30th 2004]
"Couldn't disagree more, the sushi is indeed excellent, but the real star is the french/asian fusion. Kobe beef is indiscribably sublime, and the rest of the menu screams 4-star. "
- John Weatherson [Nov 13th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website

Iowa City

Three Samurai

Name:Three Samurai
Address:1801 2nd Street, Coralville (Iowa City), IA 52241
Phone:(319) 337-3340
Fax:(319) 337-3342
- Doug Schneider ( [July 13th 2002]
"Amazing! I love Three Samurai...if you go here, try a bento box; you'll get a bit of everything! The teriyaki salmon or beef is superb, tempura is crisp, and the miso soup is smoky and delicious. As far as appetizers, the dumplings are great! If you order sushi alone, try the smoked salmon--it basically melts in your mouth. Oh, and the staff was nice, too. "
- Teri ( [Feb 1st 2007]

Iowa City

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