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Address:4593 Washington Ave., Washington & Green River Road), Evansville,IN 47714
Phone:(812) 471-7076
Fax:(812)4 71-1670
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm, Fri: 11am-2pm, Sat: 5pm-9pm
Reviews:"A snug harbor in the ocean of the meat-loving MidWest. It does a Seattle girl proud. Friendly service, tasty roll, great sushi! "
"They have changed owners recently."
- [Dec 21st 2005]
"This is a grubby little sushi restaurant in Evansville. Although I can forgive a restaurant for not being the newest shop on the block, I find it hard to make excuses for bad service and meager food. The evening started ominously with the waitress barking out 'what you wanna drink?'. That was the to be the high point of my visit and also the last time I saw her. My order was taken by another gentleman, who put down his newspaper for the occassion. Turned out he was also the sushi chef. The presentation was acceptable but the sushi in my chirashi - what little there was of it - was so chilled as to be almost frozen. No garnish to speak of, not even a few bits of roe or sesame seeds. Just a few pieces of cubed sashimi on bed of plain white rice. My bill came to $35 for this miserable experience. I left hungry, disappointed and felt like I had been taken for a ride. There are better sushi restaurants in this town. Don't waste your time or money on this one. "
- Andre ( [Dec 19th 2007]
"Hey, try it again, new mgr.. "
- [June 25th 2010]


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