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Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

Name:Japanese Garden
Address:108 Regency Park, O'Fallon, IL 62269
Phone:(618) 632-8700
Reviews:"The restaurant has excellent cooking table service, great food, and the the sushi bar is decently sized, although the quality is only at above average. "
- Douglas Kimball (Doug.Kimball@HABANERO.COM) [June 15th 2000]
"My favorite sushi restaurant in St. Louis. Much better quality than any other sushi around the St. Louis area. Well worth the 25 minute drive from downtown out to the suburbs. Very nice staff, too. "
- Dawn O'Leary [September 29th 2001]
"The only show in town unless you have time to drive into St. Louis, which by dinner time you never do. Sushi is only OK, not great. Bar area is smoking only, and if you're not staying (i.e. carryout) the service is not very good. However, if you're there for the teppan yaki dinner (choppy-choppy in the Midwestern vernacular), it's outstanding. A great show and the food is second to none. Expensive but worth it for that, sushi is average and steep. "
- Chris Omdal ( [February 13th 2003]


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