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Momoya Yamado Japanese Restaurant


Address:3577 E. New York, # 106 (enter parking lot off Frontenac), Naperville, ILL
Phone:(630) 585-9809
Review:"The best sushi place in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. A block west of Fox Valley Mall, Momoya is an intimate little restaurant (seats around 50 plus a dozen more at the sushi bar). This is a sushi house. Although they do offer some other food choices (tempura etc.), Momoya caters to the sushi lover. They have a variety of sushi and sashimi and the chefs create magnificent maki and futomaki. Without a doubt the best futomaki on the menu is the Crunch Roll. The sweetness of sea scallops and the spice of two dressings, this inside out roll is completed with a light coating of crushed almonds giving it a full-mouth roundness in every bight. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is casual. The giant flat screen TV above the sushi bar always has the game on (especially baseball). Saki, both cold and hot is available as are a variety of import and domestic beers. "
- Patrick J. Salem ( [Nov 4th 2006]


Yamado Japanese Restaurant

Name:Yamado Japanese Restaurant
Address:929 E. Ogden Ave., Naperville, IL 60563
Phone:(630) 983-3567
Fax:(630) 983-3566
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11.15am - 2.15pm, 4.30pm - 9.30pm, Fri: 11.15am - 2.15pm, 4.30pm - 10pm, Sat: 4.30pm - 10pm, Closed Sundays
Review:"Excellent sushi!!!! Very fresh. I loved everything about this place. Really clean and friendly service. Check out their $1 Dollar Sushi Special every Tuesday 5pm - 8pm and every Saturday Noon - 3pm."
- Paul Sanders ( [January 31st 1999]


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