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Wakaba Sushi

Wakaba Sushi

Name:Wakaba Sushi
Address:26506 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Deerfield, IL
Phone:(847) 541-7777
Opened:Closed Mondays
Reviews:"A fantastic sushi restaurant in the Midwest? I didn´t think I would find one until I stumbled into Wakaba in Deerfield. Two things impress me the most: 1) The quality of the fish they serve. If the fish isn´t up to their high standards, they won´t accept delivery from their suppliers. 2) The size of their portions. As a young Marine stationed on Okinawa, I developed a taste for high quality sushi in the fishing village of Henoko, and was generally disappointed with the majority of sushi restaurants in Chicago. I consider some of them to be borderline bait shops! (Keep away from 2-for-ones and ´dollar specials´). Anyway, I´ve been frequenting Wakaba for over a year and have never been disappointed. My favorite pieces of sushi include Maguro, Tako, and Uni (hard to get good Uni out here). My favorite rolls are the Spicy Tuna Roll, inside-out, with masago and cucumber added to it, the Canada Hand Roll which is salmon-based, and the Spider Roll, which is soft shellcrab. A ´must try´ dish would be their Tuna Tatake, which is lightly seared tuna sliced and placed in a spicy Ponzu sauce--delicious! I believe you will be hard pressed to find better in the Chicago Metro area. Also, try a few different types of cold sake--really smooth stuff. I hope you enjoy it. The restaurant is hard to find: look for the White Hen in the strip mall on Milwaukee, just north of Lake Cook Rd, they are in the corner next to the White Hen. "
- Mike Graziano ( [April 26th 1999]
"Outstanding Spicy Tuna roll, it is a must have when you visit, great staff and sushi chefs too. "
- Rick ( [October 15th 2000]


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