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Kyoto Sapporo CLOSED


Address:6320 Northwest Highway, Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Phone:(815) 477-8300
Reviews:"Opened at the same location as the wonderful Sapporo. For sushi, this restaurant is in its predecesors shadow. Over the last three visits, spaced about three weeks apart, they are improving."
- John Strong ( [August 21st 1998]
"Top shelf. Kyoto has worked out all the bugs (and hired new chefs) and they are now a fine sushi restaurant and offer great sushi, very, very, good sashimi and maki. They also have added a number of interesting appetizers and rolls. The spicy salmon is GREAT ! I am fortunate that they are my īlocalī restaurant."
- John Strong ( [January 25th 1999]
"Well, things have changed again. Portions are now less than average and the quality has slipped. I asked the chefs about this on again, off again problem with the sushi and was told that the owners are not sushi lovers and do not like the waste (?!). I have moved on to another restaurant."
- John Strong ( [August 8th 2000]
"This place is pretty good. I don't know who the hell John Strong is, but he sounds like he needs to get a life. Their sushi is more fresh than Kaminari in Lake in the Hills. Kaminari's sushi is so so, but the chef is pretty cool. "
- B. Hoch [July 18th 2005]
"Sorry B. Hoch. I don't appreciate that my 5 year old review drew such a personal afront. But the review was accurate then. I do appreciate your update and will try Kyoto again. "
- John Strong ( [Dec 30th 2005]
"We love going to Kyoto, and travel 45 minutes to enjoy the sushi there. The quality of the fish is excellent and the wait staff has always been friendly and attentive. The owner is behind the sushi bar 90% of the time. We travel extensively and try different sushi restaurants and this is the first place that reminds us of freshness of Hawaii's finest sushi. "
- shopgirl [Jan 29th 2008]

Crystal Lake

Sapporo CLOSED

Address:6320 Northwest Highway, Crystal Lake, IL 60012 (about 40 miles northwest from Chicago)
Reviews:"This northwest suburban restaurant offers an excellent selection of sushi. The preparation is artistic, the portions large and the fish is very fresh. I tend to consider the spicy tuna maki as the standard test of a sushi place. Theirs is very, very good and I enjoy their Dragon Roll, the Crazy roll and the Sapporo. Very busy these days, but they work hard to seat everyone as quickly as they can. My favorite."
- John Strong (
"Closed for reasons that are unknown to its many patrons."
- John Strong ( [April 18th 1998]

Crystal Lake

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