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Hayashi (former Tachibana) Orient Gourmet

Hayashi (former Tachibana)

Name:Hayashi (former Tachibana)
Address:7 Currency Drive, Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone:(309) 662-0442
Reviews:"Opened in the same building as the former Tachibana, Hayashi is outstanding!! No cooking grills, all tables and a decent sushi bar area. Their sushi is very good, among the best I've had - and I've eaten at sushi bars from coast to coast. Their spider roll is excellent! Good service, attentive if at times slow. Good prices and great for lunch or dinner. Highly recommended! "
- Douglas Kimball ( [Sep 12th 2006]
"I moved to Down to ISU this year and decided to take some friends out for sushi. Based off of the review above and that of another site for 'Tachibana', We went. This was, by a wide margin, the worst sushi restaurant I've been to. They used sauces far too heavily, used ingredients poorly, the preparation was quite awful with several of the wraps falling apart, and you could tell by the smell that the fish had been sitting out to long and was improperly refrigerated. I should have been tipped off when I saw a mexican behind the sushi bar and only two groups of people in this large restaurant at 9 at night. "
- [Feb 28th 2007]


Orient Gourmet

Name:Orient Gourmet
Address:2103 North Veterans Parkway #312, Bloomington, IL
Phone:(309) 661-1868
Reviews:"Unfortunately, since Tachibana closed here in Bloomington, this restaurant seems to be the only place that has sushi in town that I've found (so far). I hear there are at least 2 other restaurants in Bloomington, but...have yet to see them! And, bummer -- they do not have my favorite, Uni. I haven't been here yet, but plan on going soon. So, if anyone wants to be adventurous...go here first, beat me to the punch. If it's a good review, and I feel the same, it's a Maki roll on me for you, my friend... "
- JJ [Jan 10th 2005]
"Not bad. I arrived around 8:15, and the place was pretty full - only a couple tables empty. I got a booth. The service was pretty good. They have two kinds of sake, house (small/large) and premium (large only). It's billed as 'pretty good'. I agree. I didn't get to find out what kind it is, but it is indeed good sake. I had miso soup (no complaints) and sushi. I found the sushi to be tasty but a bit dry, including the rice. Plenty of wasabi and gari accompany the sushi. Be advised that 'nigiri', the sliced piece of fish on the rice bullet, usually served in groups of two, really comes out as one piece only. Overall: if it was the last place in Bloomington that served sushi, which it seems to be, I'd go back, which I probably will. I've had world-class sushi in New York, and neighborhood sushi near my home, in Dallas, Texas. This reminded me more of neighborhood sushi, no doubt fresh off the truck from Chicago - not exactly a sushi Mecca. However, there was nothing really bad about the place, and the food was satisfying and enjoyable. The wasabi is plenty zingy and the sake is hot. Who's to complain? I'd give these friendly folks a thumbs up. thanks for recommending them. JR, Dallas, TX "
- Jody Roberts (
"I agree. This place is not bad if you are dying for a sushi fix. However, I have had much better. There is another place on Fort Jesse rd and it is only opened for dinner. I have not had a chance to check it out but it appears to be a small mom and pop shop. The building that Tachibana was in is being reopened as a new sushi and sake bar. I don't recall the name but I will be there when they open. I am originally from California and I love my sushi, unfortunately central Illinois will never be known for great sushi. "
- Ray M. ( [Aug 21st 2005]


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