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Address:110 North Hough Street, Barrington, IL 60010
Phone:(847) 382-8980
Reviews:"Another one of my favorites. Very nice atmosphere, excellent fish, very fresh. The rolls are outstanding. The one thing that always impresses me, with every visit is the size of the portions. There is no popping one of their pieces of sushi in your mouth, it´s two bites. "
- John Strong ( [August 21st 1998]
" I have frequented this establishment since it opened in the early 90's. Simply the best sushi I've experienced - including visits to San Francisco, New York and Honolulu. Nothing in nearby Chicago can touch it. Mr. Lee (Sushi Chef) is an artist of the highest order: many off-the-menu special creations at the bar; the pieces are exceptionally fresh, luxuriously large and beautifully presented. The cooked/prepared meals are average...but the sushi is without peer! "
- Glen Stepanovic ( [January 8th 2002]
"I have been to this restaurant twice. It has two basic sushi combinations, A and B. The average price to expect for a full sushi dinner would be about 15-20$ (possibly more if you eat at the very nice sushi bar). It is a formal, but not too formal place. This is my favorite sushi restaurant out of every one that I have been to, and I have attended restaurants (as the other review mentioned) in San Francisco, Hawaii, Washington DC, Alaska, many restauranks in Chicago, and all over Canada. This is one of my favorites, if not my favorite. I like it's comfy feeling, as well as friendly service. I might have a somewhat biased opinion as it's closer to me than those in Chicago, but whenever my girlfriend wants to go out for Japanese food, this is an excellent choice. 9/10 "
- [June 30th 2003]


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