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Ege Sushi and Japanese Cuisine Hashiguchi Mt. Fuji

Ege Sushi and Japanese Cuisine

Name:Ege Sushi and Japanese Cuisine
Address:2100 Roswell Road, Suite f100, Marietta, GA 30062
Phone:(770) 977-7690
Opened:Mon - Thurs: 11.30am -2 pm, 5pm -10pm, Fri: 11.30am -2 pm,5pm-10.30pm, Sat:5pm-10.30pm, Closed Sundays
Review:"Food served is traditional Japanese food. I recommend the Shabu Shabu Steak and all tempura dishes. The Shabu Shabu Steak is a generous grilled portion of tender beef, sliced thin with an abundant amount of freshly grated daikon radish on top. It is served on top of a hot skillet, with ponzu sauce (lemon soy sauce) on the side. The tempura is lightly battered and fried items. Ege Tomo-san changes the cooking oil every day, where other places change the oil once every two weeks. This makes our tempura some of the best in town. The tempura is a nice light color and the presentation is like a work of art. Remember, Japanese food is not only eaten with the mouth, but the eyes. It has to look good and taste good. If you like Saba (mackerel) or Anago (sea eel), Ege Tomo-san is known for this. He is considered by many Japanese chefs as the best in Atlanta for Saba and Anago. He prepares both using traditional methods minus all short cuts making his style the most authentic in the Atlanta area. You will frequently see other Japanese restaurant chefs and owners eating at Ege’s. Prices range from $15 to $30 per person for dinner and $8 to $12 for lunch. Portions are moderate and it is not Ege Tomo-san’s intention to fill you up on one type of food. Meaning, have some of this and that. Have some sushi. Have some grilled items. Enjoy some wine, beer or sake. "
- totsubo ( [May 26th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:3000 Windy Hill Road Southeast, Marietta, GA 30067
Phone:(770) 955-2337
Reviews:"Very clean. Fresh food and good service. My favorite restaurant in town. My Japanese friends tell me Hashiguchi has the most authentic Japanese taste."
- John Balderston ( [May 25th 1998]
"Excellent sushi and habachi! I found them through the local Yellow Pages. They are tucked away behind a SAMS Club and one wouldn´t think this would be as busy a place as it is, but it is well worth the wait!"
- Scott Jones (


Mt. Fuji

Name:Mt. Fuji
Address:180 Cobb Parkway, Marietta, GA
Phone:(770) 428-0955
Review:"Just south of the big chicken (A Cobb Co. Landmark) on US 41."
- Philip W. Dalrymple III ( [May 25th 1998]


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