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Address:1455 Pleasant Hill Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30044
Phone:(770) 931-8648
Opened:11.30am - 9pm (happy hour 4.30pm - 6.30pm)
Reviews:"Very good sushi that won't empty your wallet. Very friendly service."
- Jim Edmonds ( [August 27th 2000]
"I have been a regular at Kinyobee for a few years and have tried several other local sushi restaurants. Kinyobee has a casual, neighborhood feel, with reasonable prices. The food is very good and consistent although presentation can often be basic. Recommended - will satisfy that craving. I know you know what I mean. "
- Peter O'Halloran ( [December 11th 2000]
"I have eaten at many different sushi places in different parts of the world. This little sushi bar is by far the best sushi I have ever put in my mouth! The prices are very reasonable, the atmosphere is very casual and friendly and the sushi is always delicious and fresh! My husband and I have been going there for over two years now and it is always a mouth-watering experience! "
- Adriana Milligan [June 15th 2001]
"I have been to Kinyobee since I was about 11, and I am 13 right now. Their food is delicious, especially the Salmon Teriyaki. The staff knows my family and me. We have gone there several times, and it is good that we live in the neighborhood close to the restaurant, so we go there often. "
- Alin ( [April 11th 2005]
"I travel all the major US cities on a monthly basis for work. My wife and I usually have sushi once each week at home, and I usually have sushi at least once a week on the road. I mention all this simply as a means of conveying... I've been to a lot of Sushi Bars across the US. Over the years of traveling to NYC, I've found the best bar to probably be 'EAST' in Fort Lee, NJ. But by far the very best in consistent quality and service is Kinyobee. My wife and I have been regulars at Kinyobee for 5 years now and am amazed that "
- Ric Holland ( [Sept 12th 2005]
"Agree with everything above. Try the Tuna Symphony. Chef often will wend you the Mussels as a 'lagniape'. "
- lexlucent (Lexlucent [June 7th 2007]


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