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Matsu Sige Japanese Cuisine Mikoto Miyabi
Sho Gun Takosushi

Matsu Sige Japanese Cuisine

Name:Matsu Sige Japanese Cuisine
Address:3836 Washington Road, Augusta, GA
Phone:(706) 210-4700
Opened:open for dinner only
Reviews:"Matsu Sige is the best sushi restaurant in Augusta, and one of the best sushi restaurants anywhere. Their tuna nigiri is the BEST, and so is the salmon and the Wasabi Tobiko. "
- Mark Prefer ( [August 26th 2004]
"The sushi was very fresh and the service was excellent. The Sushi Chefs were friendly and helpful, answering our questions and making great sugestions. I highly recommend this restaurant. "
- Robert Hein [Oct 25th 2005]



Name:Mikoto Japanese Restaurant
Address:3103 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA 30907
Phone:(706) 855-0009
Opened:Lunch & Evenings
Reviews:"Very fresh, immaculately presented sashimi and sushi."
- Pat Saunders [july 3rd 2000]
"Great Service, great food, what more can I say ? "
- Isobelle [May 23rd 2005]



Name:Miyabi Japanese Steak & Seafood House
Address:1315 August W. Parkway, Augusta, GA 30909
Phone:(706) 210-2600
Reviews:"Unbelievable to find a sushi bar and grill here in the 'woods' od augusta. Located approximately 4-5 miles NE of Fort Gordon Army Base, Miyabi's decor is phenomenal. I enjoyed their rolls and miso soup. Unfortunately they didn't have noodle salad, but the Honeymoon sushi (fresh scallop, masago, and white sauce over rice) more than made up for it. I must admit they also have the 'biggest' pieces of fish (portions) on their sushi and in their sashimi bowls I have ever had and they are reasonably priced.Location os not that great because you have to 'find' it, but I'll remeber it because it is where my girlfriend eat her firstz piece of sushi !!! Love you Tammy :o)"
- Wojo ( [August 5th 2001]
"My husband and I have been to Miyabi several times in the August 2004-February 2005 time frame. And while the sushi is EXCELLENT, everything else is so-so. To begin, every time we've visited, specifically for the sushi, there has only been one waitress for the entire area (which seats around 10 at the bar along with 6 or 7, 2 or 4-person tables; normally all full). So if you're looking to have your glass refilled, your saki reheated, or your check delievered in a timely fashion, it just won't happen. I've personally witnessed, on 3 or 4 occasions, sushi sit on the bar, waiting to be served, in the upwards of 10 minutes. Also, the location of the sushi bar isn't the best. Upon immediately entering, the bar is located directly infront of you, and the seating is 'first come-first serve'. The sushi section is enclosed, but shares a low wall with the bar/lounge area, where people wait for their table's and watch which ever sports game is being projected onto a wall. Given it's location, and close proximity to the bar, it's always VERY LOUD at the sushi bar. You constantly hear people being called for their tables, the sports game, the talking and laughing of people waiting; a quiet experience it is not. On the up side, the sushi chefs (and there are normally 3 or 4) are highly skilled and quite elaborate artists. On the two whiteboards in the area, anywhere from 8 to 10 special rolls are listed. You won't find these on the menu, and chances are, the next time you go back, you won't see them again. However, if you remember what it was called and ask very nicely, the chefs will recreate it for you. Generally speaking, the cost of each roll runs anywhere from $4.75 to $6.75; most falling in the $5.50 range. Rolls generally come with 6-8 pieces. So while the sushi is excellent, the atmosphere leaves much to be desired, the service is spotty at best, and for the price you pay, you can find better elsewhere. "
- Misti ( [Feb 2nd 2005]
"Best fish - always consistent, and large portions; Best preparation - the best spicy tuna, not just a tuna roll with wasabi; specialty rolls are all different, not just variations of simple combinations; Wait staff: the waitresses in the sushi bar do double duty, and since it's really popular sometimes they get swamped - that happens in all busy restaurants; Decor is 'nice corny' - the 'indoor sky' thing sounds corny, but everyone generally admits it's pretty cool... the wood accents are well done, although the bar area does get noisy because of the outdoor motif, but that's ok... the tilework is nice, as is the ceramic and samurai displays... The chefs are superb, the presentation is always A+... and unlike other places in town, you'll never get a 'loose' roll, or some sloppy preparation. I hate that it's a chain, in the style of a San Francisco-style steakhouse place, but it's really the best sushi in Augusta - and a lot of places. The prices are reasonable given how much you get; the rolls are fatter than any other place in town, and better anyhow... "
- The ghost of Jimi Holdsworth [Feb 12th 2006]


Sho Gun

Name:Sho Gun Japanese Restaurant
Address:3043 Washington Road, Augusta, GA
Opened:Daily: 11.30am-2pm, 4.30pm-11pm
Review:"Large banquets for up to 175 people available."



Address:437 Highland Ave., Augusta, GA
Phone:(706) 736-9191
Review:"Small, but the atmosphere is great, waitstaff is pleasantly informative and the menu is creatively exciting, the food is magnificent. Even the timid can find something palate pleasing. "
- Elena ( [Sep 14th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website


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