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Inoko Utage Sushi Bar


Address:761 Alps Road, Athens, Georgia
Phone:(706) 546-8589
Reviews:"Teppan-Yaki restaurant with mainly steak, chicken and seafood (shrimp and scallop) cooked at your table by a master chef. Don´t over order as the portions are generous."
"My daughter had ordered a steak dinner along with ice tea. When the drinks were served the waiter knocked over an icy cold drink to the person next to my daughter. The drink splashed over the table and spilled down the front of Catherine’s blouse, soaking her chair and her pants down to her under garments. The waiter never once apologized for this mishap, but rather went back to get four napkins and deposited them on the table for Catherine to mop-up his accident. These four napkins were insufficient in cleaning up this mess let alone drying her clothes. She stated to me that she had to sit in wet clothes through the duration of the meal. She felt chilled and embarrassed. She could not even enjoy her meal under this duress. Then waiter, to add to further insult, refilled everyone’s glass; however, kept overlooking Catherine’s unfilled glass. When Catherine asked to speak to the manager, Stephanie, regarding this whole situation, the manager demanded that Mr. Henry pay for Catherine’s meal. When Mr. Henry reappeared at Catherine’s table he was indignant. He proceeded to call her 'low-class white trash' in the presence of her party of four and refused to pay for Catherine’s ice tea drink or give her a to-go box for her meal that she scarcely ate. The total meal cost for their party of four was $70.00 in addition to a $10.00 tip to cover the waiter’s loss. "
- Susan Walker ( [Oct 10th 2005]


Utage Sushi Bar

Name:Utage Sushi Bar
Address:Clayton Street, Athens, GA
Phone:(706) 227-9339
Reviews:"Hello. Fantastic web site! I just wanted to let you know that the Sushi chef at ´Inoko´ left and opened up this Sushi Bar called Utage. It is located in downtown Athens,GA. The menu is not limited just to sushi. I haven´t even looked at anything but the sushi menu, so I can´t tell you what else they offer. Keep up the good work, I love this site!"
- Amy Petit ( [December 6th 1997]
"Try the 'utage special roll' or the 'pizza roll'. They have Teriyaki chicken which my wife always gets and it is good to. "
- Willy [May 9th 2005]
"OMG the Utage Special Roll is to die for! This place is great! "
- Misty Coley ( [Jan 16th 2006]
"I've only been here a few times, but I drive about 30 miles to eat here. I won't say that this is the best sushi I've ever had, but it is close. There is nothing in Athens that can compare. The worse part of the place is the service. The wait staff is rude, and very slow. My last trip in I had to wait for my to go order for 1 hour. The girl that took my order looked around the dinnig room (which was less than half full) and said, 'It will be at least an hour before you can pick this up'. She said it in a way that made me think she wanted me to just leave and not order. If I lived local I guess I would just leave. So to sum it all up: The sushi is the best in Athens, the staff is some of the worst, but because of the quality, and quanity it's worth the drive. "
- Chet ( [July 22nd 3007]


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