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Fusion Point

Fusion Point

Name:Fusion Point
Address:237 San Marco Avenue, St. Augustine, FL 32084
Phone:(904) 823-1444
Fax:(904) 823-1445
Opened:11am - 11pm
Reviews:"The best sushi in St. Augustine. 100 different rolls."
- Johnny Tai ( [December 14th 1997]
"Incredible selection of sushi, always delicious."
- Stephanie Dunn
"The sushi is awesome! Everyone of the choices is great."
- [October 30th 2000]
"The uni wasn't as fresh as I am accustomed to. The service was a bit slow, even though we were sitting at the bar. Tuna, teka maki, yellow fin and others were good. Fusion oysters were really good. "
- Steve Edwards ( [January 10th 2002]
"I was not impressed by the quality and freshness of the sushi that is served here. Having sushi here reminds me how lucky I am to live in a metropolitan area like Fort Lauderdale, where the standards are much higher. It's not the worst sushi I've had, but it is mediocre at best."
- [Mar 25th 2008]

St. Augustine

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