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Address:3360 US Highway 1,Palm Bay (close to Melbourne),FL
Phone:(321) 951-2710
Reviews:"They serve good sushi, along with beer and wine. Best to go Thursday evening if you want uni (sea urchin eggs) but they generally get pretty good fish at ok but not great prices on a regular basis. Suggested also when Jimmy's there is the Jimmy-Roll, and it's always fun to look at their aquarium, with Mr. Ku back there cutting fish. "
- James M. Ray ( [March 5th 2001]
"While it's true I might be biased because my sister Dana and her Japanese husband, So, own this restaurant, I do have a very discriminating palate and think this is the best sushi I've ever had. I now live in Santa Cruz, California and frequent some great sushiyas here - Pink Godzilla and Sukeroku - but when I'm home visiting I HAVE to go to Hioki's for a sushi fix because it is so EXCELLENT! So and his crew know how to cut the fish to bring out the best flavor, the fish is so FRESH, the miso soup is scrumptious, as is their delicious salad dressing (we like to drink it if there's some left in the bowl!). My own husband lived in Japan for 5 years and objectively states that Hioki's has very good food. Say hello to Dana and So when you visit. "
- Lisa Wallace ( [Feb 25th 2005]

Palm Bay

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