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Kissimmee, USA/Florida.

Kobe Yoji


Address:Rt. 192, Kissimmee, Florida
Phone:(407) 396-8088
Reviews:"There are six Kobe restaurants in the Orlando area. This is the one located on Rt. 192 outside Disney World. I ordered three maki rolls. The preparation was okay, the portions were rather small. I was not impressed enough to order more."
- John Strong ( [June 25th 1997]
"I've been a regular at several Kobe restaurants in the Virginia/DC area and they have been always been super top quality. How dissapointing it was to visit this Kobe in Kissimmee. Not particularly friendly, very small selection, and small pieces. Best described as 'tourist sushi' where the average customer is probably trying a California Roll for the first time. "
- Scollay Petry ( [February 26th 2002]



Name:Yoji Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar
Address:4592 West Irlo Bronson Highway, Kissimmee,FL 34746
Phone:(407) 396-6858
Fax:(407) 396-8533
Opened:Noon - Midnight
Reviews:" ** 1/2 mile from Medieval Times ** This restaurant is a TEPPANYAKI House as well as a Sushi Bar.It also has regular seating tables.My family and I were really impressed by the table cooking! The Food was really GREAT.The Sushi we had was also very good. We were so impressed that we returned later that week.If you are in the area it would be a good place to check it out.!!!! "
- Jim Culbertson ( [August 22nd 2000]
"Visited them in October 2002 with a crowd of thirty people - they weren't un-nerved at all. The sushi was fresh (and tasty), and the teppanyaki was very good indeed. The owners and staff are not Japanese, but do have a fair understanding of tradition and protocol. Very enjoyable evening. "
- Stephen Grayston ( [February 12th 2003]


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