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Bento Cafe Dragonfly Kotobuki
Miya Sushi Sushi Matsuri

Bento Cafe

Name:Bento Cafe
Address:3832 W. Newberry Road (Next to Royal Park Cinema and Moe's),Gainesville,FL
Phone:(352) 377-8686
Review:"Opened in 2002. Featuring good prices on high quality pan-Asian meals served in Japanese-style bento boxes, Bento Cafe also has an excellent sushi bar. Of special note are the sashimi bowls (reccomended: Spicy Tuna Donburi, and Spicy Salmon Donburi). Bento is also famed for bringing bubble tea to Gainesville. "
- Ryan Johnson [Dec 13th 2004]



Address:201 SE 2nd Ave., Gainesville, FL
Phone:(352) 371-3359
Review:"This is an outstanding, full-service Japanese restaurant focusing largely on sushi but also offering a full menu. The notoriously long waiting times will soon be alleviated by the restaurant's impending relocation to a larger, corner location in the same building. The atmosphere is textbook urban-ecclectic, and the prices, while perhaps a little high by Gainesville standards, are well in line with the quality received. Order the 'Dragonfly Roll' for a particularly tasty, if also cooked, house specialty. Expect to pay between $25 and $60 per person, plus drinks and gratuity. Highly recommended. "
- Dave O'Gorman ( [May 31st 2005]



Address:1702 W University Ave., Gainesville, FL 32603
Phone:(352) 372-8241
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11.30am - 2pm, 5pm -10pm, Fri: 11.30am-2pm, 5pm -11pm, Sat: 5pm - 11pm, Sun: 5pm - 9.30pm
- Ricardo Braga ( [January 10th 1999]
"Right across University Ave from UF Campus... nice specials and fair prices.. I like it.. since I live just across the road.. I go there all the time.. good cozy atmosphere...good food..."
- Joseph ( [April 26th 1999]


Miya Sushi

Name:Miya Sushi
Address:3222 SW 35th Blvd., Gainesville, FL 32608
Phone:(352) 335-3030
- Ricardo Braga ( [January 10th 1999]


Sushi Matsuri

Name:Sushi Matsuri
Address:3418 SW Archer Rd. (next to Blockbuster Video), Gainesville, FL
Phone:(352) 335-1875
- Joel Rozowsky ( [October 12th 1998]
"This place has real tasty and affordable food. Everything I ate from the miso soup and large green salad with awesome ginger dressing to the jb roll was delicious. I would visit this place at least 3 times a week. "
- Keebler ( [July 24th 2006]


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