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Blue Sushi China Fuji Edo Thai & Japanese
Mr Mee's Sushi & Fine Asian Dining Origami Rain Sushi & Thai Cuisine
Thai Tamarind Sushi Bar Tokyo Bay Yokohama Japanese Restaurant

Blue Sushi

Name:Blue Sushi
Address:13451 Mcgregor Blvd # 23, Fort Myers, FL 33919
Phone:(239) 489-1500
Review:"The sushi is pretty expensive but it's a great place for singles to hang out. Very trendy restaurant with very nice bars. "
- Ly Nguyen ( [April 17th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website

Fort Myers

China Fuji

Name:China Fuji
Address:1400 Colonial Boulevard , Fort Myers, FL
Phone:(239) 278-1822
Review:"I would recommend China Fuji to anyone looking for sushi or sashimi in the Fort Myers area. China Fuji also has a full menu of cooked dishes. So, if some in you party does not like sushi or sashimi you may still please them with China Fuji. It is not the easiest place to find unless you know where to look. Then it is very easy to find. It is in Fort Myers on the south side (back) of the Royale Palm Plaza which is on the south side of Colonial near the Mid Point Bridge to Cape Coral. From a local guide: 'China-Fuji offers a mixture of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. ... there are a lot of food choices....' "
- Marc ( [Sept. 15th 2003]

Fort Myers

Edo Thai & Japanese

Name:Edo Thai & Japanese
Address:17979 San Carlos Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL
Phone:(239) 466-1885
Review:"You can have the 'All you can eat Thai and sushi' here for about $20. They will charge for any left-over but everything is served in a small portion anyway. The sushi is pretty good. "
- Ly Nguyen ( April 17th 2007]

Fort Myers

Mr Mee's Sushi & Fine Asian Dining

Name:Mr Mee's Sushi & Fine Asian Dining
Address:5100 S Cleveland Ave # 310, Fort Myers, FL 33907
Phone:(239) 277-5616
Opened:Mon-Thu 11am-9.30pm; Fri-Sat 11am-10.30pm
Review:"They serve the best sushi and sashimi in Fort Myers, FL. "
- Ly Nguyen ( [April 17th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website

Fort Myers


Address:133300-41 South Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, Florida 33919
Phone:(941) 482-2126
Reviews:"We ate twice Christmas week of 1999. They have alternative choices for those that donīt go for sashimi. We were all pleased with the Crunchy Roll and the RockīN Roll was as good as Iīve had. The wasabi is pleasantly firey, with ability to flare the sinuses, given sufficient quantity. The Maguto was good. The sushi/sashimi were all prepared and presented well. They have a large selection of "special" rolls, with a variety that astounds, and exceeds my ability to try them all. The prices are fair and the atmosphere is pleasant. The Mamasan works the sushi bar with several assists and subs, and would appear to rule the roost, as it should be. (As an aside this resource is fantastic and if it EVER needs a new home on the net my ISP would be glad to host it.)"
- Jason Simonds
"Quality and freshness are the best in the Fort Myers area. Specialty items on a regular basis. Rolls were spectacular, very innovative and delicous. Always regulars in the place, a sign of true quality. "
- John Dighton [March 5th 2005]
"Newly renovated. Always fresh. Less trendy than other area choices but always a delight. Origami Jumbo Roll is always a terrific choice. "
- John [Aug 15th 2006]

Fort Myers

Rain Sushi & Thai Cuisine

Name:Rain Sushi & Thai Cuisine
Address:11861 Palm Beach Blvd., Fort Myers,FL
Phone:(239) 693-7246
Review:"Opened in July 2007.Great new place for sushi and Thai on the East side of Fort Myers. Rain is located in the Publix shopping center immediately East of the new Veranda Community on Palm Beach Blvd. This new restaurant has a spacious and inviting atmosphere, and is very reasonably priced. The generously large sushi servings are extremely fresh, and the rolls are some of the largest in the city. Looking forward to our next visit, when the Thai menu will be the focus of the evening. "
- Professor Price ( [Oct 11th 2007]

Fort Myers

Thai Tamarind Sushi Bar

Name:Thai Tamarind Sushi Bar
Address:20291 Summerlin Road, Ft. Myers, FL 33908
Phone:(239) 694-7800
Fax:(239) 694-7804
Opened:Daily: 4 pm - 10 pm
Review:"Very nice place and Japanese chef is super good. "
- Sallyanne Kamio ( [Sep 6th 2006]

Fort Myers

Tokyo Bay

Name:Tokyo Bay
Address:13550 Reflections Pwky, Suite #3-302, Fort Myers, FL
Phone:(239) 433-0508
Fax:(239) 433-0783
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11am-2pm,5pm-10pm Sat,Sun: 5pm-10pm
Review:"Tokyo Bay offers a clean, friendly, entertaining enviroment for enjoying sushi and a Japanese style steakhouse. The staff and sushi chefs are great. I encourage you to visit Tokyo Bay for good food and fun for all ages. "
- Crystal Schaefer ( [March 5th 2003]
Link:Restaurant Website

Fort Myers

Yokohama Japanese Restaurant

Name:Yokohama Japanese Restaurant
Address:4650 S Cleveland Ave # 8, Fort Myers, FL
Phone:(239) 936-4007
Reviews:"Nice restaurant with good quality sushi. "
- Ly Nguyen ( [April 17th 2007]
"I love eating here -- they have great sushi at decent prices and they're very nice as well. "
- Anon [Mar 2nd 2009]

Fort Myers

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