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Sam O Jung Taste of Tokyo

Sam O Jung

Name:Sam O Jung
Address:6032 14th St. East, Bradenton, FL 34206
Phone:(941) 755-3568
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11am - 9pm, Fri,Sat: 11am - 10pm
Review:"Truely Sam O Jung´s is a not only a delectible experience, but a work of art to enjoy with every serving. Tucked away in a cozy little shopping center, you will find it located next to Publix in the Bayshore Gardens Shopping Center. I have visited 99% of the Sushi restaurants in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. I consistently return to Sam O Jung´s as my favorite for freshness, flavor and creativity. They also offer lunch and dinner boxes at very reasonable prices. It is an experience within everyone´s budget. I recommend it to everyone (even if I´m in another sushi restaurant)."
- Barbara Stem ( [September 6th 1998]


Taste of Tokyo

Name:Taste of Tokyo
Address:4444 Cortez Rd.,Bradenton, FL 34210
Phone:(941) 792-3726
Fax:(941) 761-1217
Review:"According to their webpage, the Sarasota location is now closed and they just have this one in Bradenton. Full disclosure: I worked for them years ago at the (now closed) Main Street (Little Paris in Taste of Tokyo) location as sort of an apprentice cook, a job which later mutated into becoming essentially Fumi's driver/personal assistant while also helping at the 3 restaurants in minor capacities. I also used a Kanji/kana word processing program and Excel to make their menu dual language (with 'Joe' re-checking this caucasian's work). Fumi is a demanding boss and 5 months at TOT nearly drove me crazy, but I still think of them almost like extended family though I haven't seen them in years. Luckily, Fumi's perfectionism also extends to the cooking. The reason I applied for a job there in the first place was my love of their food at the Bradenton location for years. If they were more affordable, I'd probably eat there 2 or 3 meals a week. As mentioned by other reviewers, Fumi's parents are Vietnamese, but her husband Hideo (aka 'Joe') is definitely Japanese and he is very picky about the food preparation, particularly the rice - as I recall during my employment there - probably because of its importance in quality sushi nigiri and makimono. Joe's pickiness extended right down to the miso soup I used to have to cook in large batches. They did have one problematic non-Asian cook in the app/entree kitchen whose standards were a bit slacked, but that was many years ago. The back kitchen in Bradenton was therefore more consistent at the time. Fumi's ginger dressing is the only way anyone can get carnivore me to eat salad and her ginger ice cream is excellent. The entrees from simple Chicken Katsu to Gyuudon to more complex dishes is excellent as are their appetizers, though the last time I had gyouza there, the dumplings tasted a bit off to me (though they had been excellent in the past and I'd eaten them often). A very good restaurant, though definitely not a cheap date. I was saddened to learn from their website that the Sarasota location seems to have closed and they're only in Bradenton now. "
- JD (meals circa 2005) [July 22nd 2009]
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