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Hibachi Mikimotos Niwano Hana (former Mikasa)


Address:Market Square Shopping Ctr., 5607 Concorde Pike (Rt.202), Wilmington, DE
Phone:(302) 477-0194
Opened:Daily: 4.30pm-10pm
Review:"Tableside Cooking, Bar, Full-Service Sushi Bar All-You-Can-Eat Sushi, Wed. & Sun. (sushi bar is small at this location). "
- Lenny Mulford ( [August 9th 2002]



Address:1212 Washington St., Wilmington, DE
Phone:(302) 656-8638
Fax:(302) 656-7423
Review:"This is a very clean and good tasting sushi bar asian grill. "
- Amy Gibson ( [Nov 6th 2003]


Niwano Hana (former Mikasa)

Name:Niwano Hana (former Mikasa)
Address:3602 Kirkwood Hwy., Wilmington, DE
Phone:(302) 995-8905
Opened:Daily: 11am-2.45 pm, 4.30pm-10pm
Reviews:"To date Mikasa has the freshest and best assortment of sushi and sashimi that I have encountered in DE. It is also the most inexpensive, with the average bill for two being around $30.00. Well worth a try!! "
- Lisa Buggy & Michael Spitale ( [September 24th 2002]
"Niwano Hana (formerly Mikasa) is still under the same management and continues to serve some of the finest and freshest sushi around. Located 1/2 mile West of Prices Corner on Kirkwood Hwy, Niwano Hana is only a 15 minute drive from the Delaware Bridge making it easily accessable for those from south Jersey where finding a quality sushi establishment is next to impossible. If you are looking for a great sushi expieriance we highly recommend giving this gem a try. "
- Lisa Buggy and Michael Spitale ( [Dec 22nd 2006]
"My sister and I went here with high expectations on a Thursday night. I now live in Long Beach,CA and was on vacation. No one especially the waitress had the least bit of interest in selling us dinner and I never spend less than 90 bucks by myself. No abalone giant clam or even soy paper. I wouldn't let my dog in this place let alone my sister. Mikimotos and Utagi were very good. Don't waste your time. "
- Bob Deputy ( [Aug 5th 2007]



Address:Suite 57-59 Indepence Mall, 1601 Concord Pike, Wilmington, Delaware 19803
Phone:(302) 652-1230
Opened:Mon-Fri: Lunch, Dinner Daily
Reviews:"Mr. Oka, the owner was brought to the USA to help train and start up Benihanas. He left and started this restaurant 12 years ago. Very fresh fish. Some imaginative, classicaly trained sushi chefs. Warm and friendly staff. Service a bit slow."
- Meg Greene & Chip Miller ( [July 12th 1998]
"Unfortunately this is the only ganme in town, and not worth the trip. Expensive and mediocre at best."
- Fred Zimmer ( [June 5th 2000]
"Fantastic place, I've been here often. Traditional setting, traditional food, attentive service, great location with a lot of parking. Highly reccomendd. "
- [Dec 10th 2007]
"My wife and I went to UTAGE in WIlmington, DE after reading some positive reviews online.We got in and I was inmediately put off by the filth on the carpet. It was beyond the need for serious vacuuming, it needs to be replaced. The place did not have proper ventilation and it smelled like chinese fish market.The bathroom was dirty. I was shocked because I am used to japanese restaurants being usually very clean. Despite having reservations, we had to wait a little, so I noticed that the host and waiters were speaking chinese. I wanted to leave, because anybody who likes real sushi and sashimi knows that chinese restaurants tend to tolerate dirt and lack of freshness in food. They get away with it because they cook the food in such a high heat and with strong sauces. However this does not work with sashimi! My wife insisted on staying, because she read in a local press a good review of the japanese chefs (father and son). I went and talked to them. Indeed the chefs were japanese, so we stayed.We were taken to our table and waited there for 20 minutes before our order was taken. The sashimi plate we ordered had 8 little assorted selections and the tag price of about 32 dollars (the online menu quoted 28). We waited 10 minutes to get our drinks. We waited another 40 mnts. to get our food. The sashimi dishes were 'OKAY'. NOT THE BEST in Delaware, NOT EVEN GOOD! Much worse then what you can get in Phily or New York for the same price.The waiter forgot to bring us our miso soup; it arrived finally when we already finished our sashimi. The rice never arrived. I asked one of the ladies, who happened to be the owner's wife, about it. She did not apologize, but brought me a martini. However when I paid the bill I noticed that she added 7 dollars for that martini on my check.This is the worse japanese restaurant I have ever been to. I do not recommend it. "
- Alex ( [Feb 18th 2008]


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