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The Cultured Pearl

The Cultured Pearl

Name:The Cultured Pearl
Address:301 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, DE
Phone:(302) 227-8439
Fax:(302) 227-5622
Opened:7 Days a Week 360 Days a Year Opening at 4:30
Reviews:"The small restaurant is a gem. The sushi is the best, the fish so fresh you can hear the waves crash while you eat. The chef is an artist. WE love it and go as often as we can."
- the Adkins ( [February 13th 1998]
"I think the food speaks for itself. The best sushi from Manhattan to South Beach."
- jcmar
"In order to truely experience sushi from the southern tip of Manhattan to the northern coast of Key have to eat at the Cultured Pearl in Rehoboth. The fish is fresh, and Cho the chef is the best on the east coast... to truely experience sushi at itīs finest try the Cultured Pearl just once and then you will know what I am talking about."
- jcmar
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Rehoboth Beach

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