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Address:Glendale Shopping Ctr., 1160 Pulaski Hwy. (Rt 40), Bear, DE
Phone:(302) 838-0414
Opened:Daily: 4.30pm - 10pm
Reviews:"Tableside Cooking, Bar, Full-service Sushi Bar All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun sushi bar in different room than bar/dining room. "
- Lenny Mulford ( [August 9th 2002]
"On our last visit, my daughter ordered the All You Can Eat Sushi Bar. As she was finishing her last three pieces of Sushi, the waiter told my daughter that she 'had' to eat 'all' the rice that came with each piece of Sushi. This information was not listed in the menu or given when we entered the restaurant. My daughter made two trips to the All You Can Eat Sushi Bar, so it was not as if she had eaten a large quantity of food. While I understand the need for guidelines in this area, I was disappointed and embarrassed with the manner in which the waiter publicly chastised my daughter. With an abundance of good sushi restaurants in the area, I will be taking my family elsewhere. "
- Val Hudson ( [Sept 12th 2004]
"I have been going to this resturant for over 4 years now, and never have I been disappointed. The all-you-can eat bar is very well stocked, with fresh fish constantly being placed out. The staff is wonderful and kind. It would come highly recommended from me! "
- Jace ( [Feb 16th 2005]
"Food and service was great, have been going there for 3-4 years now and never had a bad experience. "
- ( [Oct 4th 2007]


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