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Murasaki Wasa-B


Address:Fiddler´s Green, 10 Wilcox Street, Simsbury, CT
Phone:(860) 651-7929
Reviews:" I´ve tried most of the sushi restaurants in central Connecticut, and this one has become my favorite in this area. Although I find the menu somewhat limited (compared with some of my favorite places in New York), guests may rest assured that everything they will be served, from the salad to the homemade ice cream, will be exquisitely good. This is probably the reason that they don´t always have the widest selection--if the freshest ingredients are not available on a given day, they strike the affected dishes from the menu, instead of lowering their standards of quality. Consistently high quality food and a soul-soothingly peaceful atmosphere make Murasaki one of my all-time favorite restaurants anywhere. For variety, I find that Toshi, just a few miles to the south on Route 10, also has excellent food, although the atmosphere tends to be a bit noisier. "
- Erik Midtskogen ( [August 25th 1999]
"Murasaki is my favorite sushi restaurant among dozens I know. I highly recommend it. It's strong point is consistency. You will never be the slightest bit disappointed by anything you are served here! The down side is that things listed on the menu are often not available. I am sure that this is a result of the philosophy that only the highest quality ingredients will be used, and if the best of ingedients required by a particular dish cannot be procured on any given night then that dish will simply not be served at all. Don't miss the toro (fatty) tuna in sashimi form (on those rare nights when they have it), and be sure to try the Simsbury roll. Also--don't miss their house salad. I don't know how they get their greens that fresh and crisp, and the dressing is fat-free, with a tangy, fresh, gingery flavor that is perfectly refreshing. Although I normally don't think twice about most garden salads, this one makes an indescribably pleasing start to a fine feast. Iterakimas!"
- Erik Midtskogen ( [August 7th 2000]



Address:142 Hopmeadow Street (Rt 10),Simsbury, CT 06089
Phone:(860) 651-5777
Fax:(860) 651-6777
Review:" Opened in April 2001. I was excited to see a new Japanese restaurant opening in the area, so I visited a few days after the grand opening. The atmosphere is relatively nice, the sushi bar being nicer than the main table area. A large-screen TV takes away from any traditional or relaxing atmosphere, though. Only slightly daunted by the steep prices, I ordered several of my favorite items from the sushi menu, which was impressively large. The sushi itself was nicely presented but turned out to be a disappointment to say the least: the hamachi didn't taste very fresh, the unagi was very soggy, there were parts of avocado skin in the alaska roll. I have to say I find this lack of attention to detail saddening, the place seems to be catering more to wealthy sushi novices than to true afficionadoes. I would recommend sticking with Murasaki, which consistently serves up delicious food in a soothing atmosphere and is just a few miles down the street. "
- Kira Fujimija [April 19th 2001]


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