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Orange, USA/Connecticut.

Hayama Wild Ginger Yih's Fortune


Address:199 Boston Post Road, Orange, Ct 06477
Phone:(203) 795-3636
Fax:203) 795-8766
Opened:Closed Mondays Lunch Noon-2:30pm Dinner 5pm-?
Review:"Hibachi on the right side of the restaurant, while the sushi bar (along with tables) is on the left side. The owner, Abo, is running some very nice summer specials re: sushi rolls and pieces. The chef, James, does lovely work and the fish is always fresh. We eat there at least twice a month, if not more. Highly recommended."
- Susan Proto


Wild Ginger

Name:Wild Ginger
Address:111 Boston Post Rd., Orange, CT 06477
Phone:(203) 799-8887
Fax:(203) 795-5202
Opened:Daily: 11h45 am - 3pm, 3pm-11pm
Review:"Most interesting "fusion" of traditional and non-traditional foods prepared with a eye to traditional detail and dining experience. Really a nice place to enjoy sushi and other "asian" cusine. The web site speaks well. The food is a pleasure! "
- Don Ward ( [Nov 6th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Yih's Fortune

Name:Yih's Fortune
Address:538 Boston Post Rd., Orange, CT 06477
Phone:(203) 795-6888
Fax:(203) 799-6886
Reviews:"Opened in March 2006. Excellent Sushi and Asian food!! You should try real Sushi and Sashimi made by Japanese chef there. "
- [April 16th 2006]
"We were expecting your normal Chinese style restaurant and to our surprise an upscale asian rim bistro with superb food, excellent service and reasonable prices - 4 STARS to this new addition to Orange, CT"
- [April 28th 2006]
"Watch out, they like to overcharge customers. Since they are not on a POS system, they still hand write their tickets. I ordered the vegetarian paradise plate that's $10 and they charged me $15.00. Buyer beware."
- Ann Ferguson [July 28th 2006]
"Excellent sushi and sashimi! The atmosphere is very authentic and the staff makes you feel right at home. Drinks can be a bit pricey."
- [Feb 28th 2007]
"This is truly one of the best Asian Fusion/Bistro restaurants in the area. The sushi is the freshest I have ever experienced and the choice of entrees encompass both authentic Japanese and Chinese traditions. Pricing is reasonable for the oversized portions. This will become a regular stop for me and my family! "
- Michael Amante (Apr 3rd 2007]


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