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EDO Korean & Japanese Restaurant Jani Japanese and Chinese Cuisine Kazu
Little Tokyo Panda Pavilion II

EDO Korean & Japanese Restaurant

Name:EDO Korean & Japanese Restaurant
Address:666 Main Street, Norwalk, CT 06851
Phone:(203) 750-0623
Opened:11am - 10pm
Reviews:" I had sent in a write up about EDO--My notes and the rest of the info I do not have at this time. If you are a Sushi WORLD Guide person get in your car and go there its a 9.6 in the 10 point places to eat. I only get to Norwalk every 4 or 5 months so the rest of the info will follow. "
- Steve Schneider ( [June 16th 2001]
"This is, for the folks who can't decide whether they want Japanese or Korean, one of the most amazing hidden gems in the area. The interior of the restaurant isn't spectacular, nor is the location [a strip mall next to a Karate dojo], but the food most certainly is. The choice of rolls is a veritable buffet, with 25 regular rolls listed on their menu, 15 special rolls with seasonal fish, and as many as 6 daily specials. The sashimi is also fairly unbelievable, with choices ranging from $20 to $100 dollar entree selections. I highly, highly recommend the Great Neck Roll, the Hweimu Chim, and the Seafood Bokum as main course choices. The Hweimu Chim bridges the flavor gap between Korean BBQ and Japanese Sashimi in a salad form, and the Seafood Bokum includes scallops, shrimp, fish, and a whole lobster for under 25 dollars. The service is amazing, as is the selection of spirits. Kimchee, Soju, and tea flow like Niagara falls, and the desert selection is surprisingly complete as well. Located right off route 7, and a minute off 95, this is definitely one of my favorite places to return to. An absolutely fabulous restaurant. "
- Steve Schneider ( [July 5th 2002]


Jani Japanese and Chinese Cuisine

Name:Jani Japanese and Chinese Cuisine
Address:650 Main Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851
Phone:(203) 849-1122
Fax:(203) 849-3330
Opened:11.30am - closing
Reviews:"Japanese Lunch from 11:30 to 4pm,Eary Bird Special 30% to 50% off from 4 to 6 pm, Dinner from 4 on till closing.A very small Sushi Bar with only 5 places. Had Uni, Hamachi, Hogigai, Tako and finished with a very nice spicy Ikura Hand Roll, something I never had before, the Salmon roe was very fresh "
- Steve Schneider ( [Dec 13th 2002]
"The spicy tuna rolls were incredible."
- [June 5th 2007]



Address:64 N. Main Street, Norwalk, CT
Phone:(203) 866-7492
Reviews:"Nice size pieces, good atmosphere, prices are reasonable (not as good as in Shinjuku :-^) It is next to the Crown Theatres. Opened in mid 1997. (Hope they survive)"
- Matt Murray ( [March 9th 1998]
"I have yet to eat at Edo, but Kazu is one of the best in Fairfield County. Everyone seems to love this place as it has tremendous positive word of mouth. Even my favorite place, Noda, in White Plains, NY (:30 minutes south of Norwalk) has heard of Noda's repuation for excellent sushi. The White Tuna Tataki appetizer is a must. Great a la carte sushi, but the roll selection is somewhat limited and unimaginative compared to other places. A hip, loungy atmosphere and friendly staff top it all off. "
- [March 20th 2006]


Little Tokyo

Name:Little Tokyo Japanese Restaurant
Address:120 New Canaan Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850
Phone:(203) 849-8686
Opened:Closed Mondays, Tue-Thu: 11.30am - 3pm, 5pm - 10.30pm, Fri,Sat: 11.30am - 3pm, 5pm - 11pm, Sun: Noon - 10pm
Reviews:"What a nice find. This out of the way but very wonderful small restaurant is worth going to. The food is TOP fresh, well presented and the price is: Sashimi Deluxe 18 Pcs $16 dollars, The LOVE BOAT will feed 4 for $45 dollars."
- Steve Schneider ( [April 10th 1999]
"AMAZING sushi!! I've made a point to try a large variety of sushi restaurants, and Little Tokyo is amoung the very best. They have the most interesting and delicious specials, tons of variety, and great service. "
- P.C., Norwalk, CT [Feb 27th 2006]


Panda Pavilion II

Name:Panda Pavilion II
Address:370 Main Avenue (Rt. 7) I-95 Exit 15, Merrit Pkwy, Exit 40A, Norwalk, CT 06851
Phone:(203) 846-4253
Fax:(203) 847-7922
Review:" I ordered Take out when doing a local Kayak Trade show in the area--it was a real treat to eat my hand rolls and Sushi and watch Star Trek. "
- Steve Schneider ( [April 10th 1999]


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