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Ichi Ban Sakura

Ichi Ban

Name:Ichi Ban Japanese Restaurant
Address:Ken Pratt Blvd, Longmont, CO
Phone:(303) ?
Review:"Changed locations from Main Street."



Address:600 S. Airport Road, Longmont, CO
Phone:(303) 485-9282
Fax:(303) 485-9325
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11am - 2pm, 4.30pm - 9pm, Fri: 11am - 2pm, 4.30pm - 9.30pm, Sat: Noon - 9.30pm, Sun: 5pm - 8pm
Reviews:"Good sushi, small portions for the money, and poorer than average service."
- Dave ( [August 25th 2004]
"I work close by and eat here once a week. My co-workers and myself love the food and we feel the service is outstanding! "
- Karen [Sept 22nd 2004]
"Great service and much larger portions for the money than any place in Boulder. Worth the drive unless you are more interested in decor than the quality of your sushi."
- Ron Millikan ( [Jan 21st 2005]
"A Japanese friend of mine introduced me to Sakura's right after they opened up. I have eaten here with my co-workers and family, I believe this is very good place to eat and the atmosphere is excellent; those who want more portions are evidently, have only traveled local and not accustomed to the world real portions versus the American type portions."
- Connie [April 5th 2005]
"The food here is great and I always leave full. I usually go for the lunch specials which are a great deal. The owner and the staff are very nice. "
- Joanna [May 3rd 2005]
"I'm traveling all over the world in my job and get to taste a lot of Sushi. What you get as Sakura is fast and friendly service and excellent fresh sushi, Sashimi, rolls and also cooked Japanese food. My verdict: One of the best sushi restaurants I've been to. - And I've been to more than a few. The owner Mr. Koh is a a great guy who likes to chat with his guests and frequently offers his guests some little complimentary treat from his kitchen. Closed sundays but then you can go to Koh's Asian Bistro just a few blocks away where the same chef can take care of your sunday sushi needs. (Located just behind the Outback Steak house) "
- Per Viklund ( [Apr 6th 2008]


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