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Sushi Uokura

Sushi Uokura

Name:Sushi Uokura
Address:815 Nile Ct, Golden, CO 80401
Phone:(303) 278-8000
Fax:(303) 278-8108
Opened:Lunch(Mon-Fri), Dinner (7 days)
Reviews:"This is a new restaurant. I am happy to have such a nice restaurant in my neighbourhood! I think it is the best Sushi !"
- [May 13th 2001]
"Sushi Uokura is the greatest sushi joint in the Denver metro area. Sushi chef Ogi-San really delivers. Service is fast, friendly and cute. Food is excellent and the ambience can't be beat."
- [January 16th 2002]
"We've been enjoying Ogo-sans humor and awesome food since its opeing night. After many visits to other 'big name' sushi joints I Uokura is the best in Denver!! Hands Down. "
- Happy Golden Resident [August 26th 2004]
"We've visited just about every sushi restaurant from downtown Denver west to the foothills. Sushi Uokura is, by far, the best. Always friendly, fast service and the sushi is, by far, the most delicious we've had. "
- Patti Morgan ( [Feb 27th 2006]


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