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Jeju Restaurant Mt. Fuji Nimo´s Sushi Bar
Roll Cafe Suehiro

Jeju Restaurant

Name:Jeju Restaurant
Address:238 S. College Ave, Fort Collins,CO
Phone:(970) 416-7733
Reviews:"This is my favorite sushi restaurant in Fort Collins. It is relatively new but is catching on quick with the sushi crowd. Nice atmosphere and excellent sushi. I have tried Suehiro's and Mt. Fuji in Fort Collins. Jeju tops both in preparation and fish quality. The chefs are highly skilled and friendly. Pretty good sake selection. Try the Onikoroshi 'Devil Killer' sake served 'masu'. They will provide you with a hinoki wood drinking box (masu) and fill it just to overflowing. Enjoy the natural lemony scent of this therapeutic wood while enjoying some great sake and sushi. "
- Jon [Sept 22nd 2004]
"With fish hand selected by Japanese Sushi-men and a well-educated wait staff, I cannot find a better sushi restaurant. "
- Justin (DJIMMIGRANT@AOL.COM) [March 20th 2005]
"I had the single worst dining experience in my life at this resturant. The kitchen lost our order and the owner refused to even speak to our table of eight. The server (unbeknownst to the owner) was a friend of one of our party members and told us that not only did the owner refuse to come talk to our party, but he didn't care if we ever returned to his restaurant. So we haven't and won't. Suhiro is better and has better prices. "
- Jeff ( [Feb 12th 2006]
"On a recent trip with my wife to Fort Collins we dined at Sushi Jeju and found it to be a phenomenal experience. The atmosphere and employees were friendly and the sushi was to die for. Amazing restaurant. I HIGHLY recommend it. "
- John ( [June 16th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website

Fort Collins

Mt. Fuji

Name:Mt. Fuji
Address:4020 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO
Phone:(970) 223-5228
Opened:lunch, dinner
Reviews:"Large selection of sushi and Japanese dishes"
"Stay away from Mt. Fuji. It is a ´sushi bar´ in name only. It is suffice to say one takes his or her own life into one´s hands dining there."
- J. Blue Chattigre ( [November 9th 1997]
"Mt. Fuji has very good sushi and shashimi--the fish is fresh; the rice is cooked correctly; the preparation is well done. The rest of the food is very good as well. The atmosphere is typical of such U.S. American restaurants. Lunches are more reasonably priced that dinners. "
- Sue Pendell ( [August 3rd 2000]

Fort Collins

Nimo´s Sushi Bar

Name:Nimo´s Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant
Address:1220 W Elizabeth St, Fort Collins, CO
Phone:(970) 221-1040
Reviews:"The only real sushi in Fort Collins is Nimo´s Sushi Bar. The chef is highly skilled (27 years, trained in Tokyo), the service is very professional and polite, the atmosphere is warm and perfectly suited to enjoying sushi. The food is exceptional. You can just tell from the fish that the chef knows his business, but more than the fish, you can tell from the rice. Coming from LA, I was very surprised (& delighted) to find a place of quality; we were very dubious at first. But Nimo is as skilled as chef as we´ve ever seen. Go on a Thursday night and try the uni, mirugai, kumomoto oysters, and, if he has time to make it (& and if he likes you and is in a good mood) the magic mushroom. If you´re into rolls, there´s the nimo roll and the rainbow roll. Buy him a beer and you´re on the right track."
- J. Blue Chattigre ( [November 9th 1997]
"Nimo´s is THE choice for sushi in Ft. Fun. Seated at the sushi bar, Nimo prepares and delivers your selections just-in-time and in the order of mild-to-wild. Always the best rice, moist and sweet, acts as the foundation for impeccable delights from the sea. On a slow night (RARE) you might even be treated to a serenade of Beatles & Neil Young - Nimo style."
- Jim Baker ( [February 22nd 1999]

Fort Collins

Roll Cafe

Name:Roll Cafe
Address:921 E. Harmony Rd. Ste 104, Fort Collins, CO
Phone:(970) 223-2388
Opened:Mon- Sat:10:30 am - 8:30pm
Review:"Traditional Japanese Sushi served cafe style in Fort Collins. "
- Jim Pelichowski ( [July 29th 2008]

Fort Collins


Name:Suehiro Japanese Restaurant
Address:223 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO
Phone:(970) 482-3734
Reviews:"Like Mt. Fuji a ´sushi bar´ in name only. Stay away from that establishment. The rice is dry and stale and often brittle. I doubt they even concern themselves with the recipes for the rice vinegar. And their fish is mediocre."
- J. Blue Chattigre ( [November 9th 1997]
" Suehiro's sushi and sashimi are very good--the fish is very fresh, and it's quality is high; the rice is cooked appropriately, and the preparation is very good. The other food is also very good. The restaurant is nicely decorated but somewhat crowded and noisy when busy (as it usually is). Suehiro consistently is rated as the best Japanese restaurant in Fort Collins by readers of the local newspaper. "
- Sue Pendell ( [August 3rd 2000]
"Great sushi, great ambience, The tea room is very nice. The staff is friendly but it can get a little crowded at times so plan to eat early or late for the best environment. My only complaint is the armor in front of the restaurant is displayed incorrectly (mostly a personal problem). AA++ "
- Ambrose ( [August 23rd 2004]

Fort Collins

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