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Hapa Sushi Ichiban Teriyaki Siam Cafe and Sushi
Sumida´s Sushi Bar Sushi Tora Sushi Zanmai
Wok & Roll

Hapa Sushi

Name:Hapa Sushi
Address:1117 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO
Reviews:"Where do I start? My meal was today, 03-01-04. Great service. Bad food. I walked in to see three six foot seafood coolers at the front sushi bar with probably two pounds total of fish within. The center cooler was empty. I should have walked out at that point. Low volume. Old fish. Frequented by college students who haven't experienced quality sushi or just don't care (which mirrors my youth). College student sushi 'chefs' (I would have foregone the grocery store jobs in a heartbeat). So far Sushi Zanmai is the best in Boulder and it's severely average and overpriced. Try Sushi Ran in Sausalito. Pretty good but expensive. Try Sushi Club in Reno. The best ever. All you can eat lunch for $13.95. Dinner $17.95. True. Join the 'club' and get another two bucks off. Make the trip. Ski Tahoe while in town. Avoid the casinos. The true hiding place of Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Turn left at Yucca Mountain. "
- Mike ( [March 8th 2004]
"I ate at Hapa Sushi in April 2006 and had a quite different experience. There was certainly no shortage of very fresh, well prepared fish to be ordered (note: I take sushi very seriously). The service was fine (I sat at the sushi bar). Neither sushi chefs nor clientele seemed to be primarily students -- it was a Thursday night and the place was packed. My 2 complaints: A) music too loud and B) overpriced. But fresh/delicious sushi can be worth it. "
- Sara [May 9th 2007]


Ichiban Teriyaki

Name:Ichiban Teriyaki
Address:1700 28th St, Boulder, CO
Phone:(303) 449-0823


Siam Cafe and Sushi

Name:Siam Cafe and Sushi
Address:1600 Broadway, Boulder, CO
Phone:(303) 447-0273
Review:" Opened in spring 2001, this husband and wife operated restaurant is wonderful. You are always greated by a smile and treated to fresh and wonderful food. The food is inexpensive, but doesn't taste that way! Stop by once and you will be hooked! "
- CC ( [August 2nd 2001]


Sumida´s Sushi Bar

Name:Sumida´s Sushi Bar
Address:1575 Folsom, Boulder, CO
Phone:(303) 449-8404
- Kellie Matthews-Simmons ( [August 30th 1997]
"Spicy tuna roll was exceptional; however, seaweed salad was over oiled, sashimi seemed just unthawed and very cold. Would hit Thai restaurant upstairs and save sushi for one of Boulder's better. "
- Ramona Frisk [Feb 14th 2005]


Sushi Tora

Name:Sushi Tora
Address:2014 10th Street, Boulder, CO
Phone:(303) 444-2280
Opened:Dinner starts 5pm
Review:"This is another sushi bar like Higashi West in Palo Alto CA that deserves a special trip to experience. The bar area is small, but offers an atmosphere that is hard to beat. The sushi is some of the freshest I have ever tasted and the presentation is perfect. They make several specials that are not part of the menu that are spectacular. The ´Orgasm Roll´ is one that stands out as a dish served hot. The spicy yellowtail and tunarolls are also some of the best I have ever tasted. The spicy scallop roll is another treat to be experienced. This is a must experience stop and worthy of a side trip to dine at."
- Matthew L. Baynard ( [January 29th 1998]


Sushi Zanmai

Name:Sushi Zanmai
Address:1221 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO
Phone:(303) 440-0733
Reviews:"This restaurant consistently wins ´The Best of Boulder´ for Sushi, and sometimes the ´Best of Denver´ too. Their sushi is always excellent, and their other dishes wonderful as well. This award-winning restaurant has hosted many visiting dignitaries from Japan and other countries. No, I don´t work there, I just like their food. :-)"
- Kellie Matthews-Simmons ( [August 30th 1997]
"This is the only sushi restaurant that my husband and I go to in Boulder. We even had our wedding catered by them! The Zanmai has also been met with the approval of my parents and my brother and his wife (all living in Tokyo) when I've taken them there. Be sure to go there on your birthday to be serenaded by Nao-san's famous electronic saxophone! "
- Yoriko Morita ( [September 13th 2001]
"Anytime I am coming to Boulder it is my #1 restaurant. Allways fresh and reasonable prices. My tip is go there on Sunday evening(special prices). "
- Thomas Oestreich ( [January 9th 2003]
Link:The online menue of Sushi Zanmai


Wok & Roll

Name:Wok & Roll
Address:2900 28th Street, Boulder, CO
Phone:(303) 449-6555
- Kellie Matthews-Simmons ( [August 30th 1997]
"Being new to Boulder and the US from Australia I had to get my sushi fix. This place made me want to vomit. I had to throw the rest of my food away as it was so disgusting. Avoid this place."
- [Aug 20th 2007]


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