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Takahashi Tempura House CLOSED ! Tomodachi


Address:3835 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Westlake Village, CA
Phone:(818) 706-8887
Reviews:" Having been to sushi restaurants around the world, including your top picks in LA, Seattle and Vancouver, I can flat out say that the fish that Mr Sato serves is quite simply the best sushi and sashimi anywhere. Whomever his contacts are at the LA fish market and whatever he does in the preparation, this place is absolute magic. If it isn't perfect he won't sell it. The clientele is loyal and he knows almost everyone by name. It's squished in between a Tower records and and Oreck vacuum cleaner store in a So. Cal. strip mall. In addition to all the local favorites (local sweet shrimp, uni and snapper), he gets some amazing imported stuff including premium mackerel from Japan, hamachi toro, assorted bizarre clams which don't have American names and always keeps "something special" in the back for the adventuresome. This is a jewel in the rough. "
- David Michaels (mineralman@aol-com) [July 7th 2002]
"Very nice small sushi bar."
- Steve Otruba ( [August 6th 2003]

Westlake Village

Tempura House CLOSED !

Name:Tempura House CLOSED !
Address:3709 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Westlake Village, CA
Phone:(805) 496-5793
Review:"Excellent little sushi bar with a WIDE variety of fish. Also makes some nice cooked dishes."
- Steve Otruba ( [May 16th 1998]

Westlake Village


Address:Agoura Road & Westlake Blvd. (next to Von's), Westlake Village, CA
Review:"Opened in September 2000. TOMO DOES IT AGAIN!!! From the incredible place in Simi Valley to another place in Westlake (brand new)!! Awesome decor, fantastic food and service as usual!! "
- David King ( [October 12th 2000]

Westlake Village

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