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Name:Hisui Japanese Steak House
Address:1350 Eats Monte Vista Ave., Vacaville, CA 95687
Phone:(707) 448-4002
Fax:(707) 448-4046
Opened:11am - 10pm
Reviews:"Hisui is a restaurant unlike any that Iīve been to before. It has three styles of dining. There is the teppanyaki grills, sushi bar with the boats that go around in the moat and then they have the regular dining where the chef prepares other dishes. They also have a wonderful full service cocktail lounge with Karaoke."
- Timothy J. Martin ( [July 13th 1998]
"Horribly slow service, especially when ordering drinks, very strange that it takes 20 min or so for a drink order? Get a clue about running a restaurant, lady! Wine glasses are almost always incredibly dirty, and need to be sent back. Sushi can be OK when freshly prepared, but BEWARE stuff thatīs been cruising the boats for hours, horribly dry and not edible. Also, prices here are 2X of San Francisco sushi bars. Drive to San Francisco for sushi rather than this place (and Iīve eaten here dozens of times so this is an expert opinion)."
- Sushi God ( [August 2nd 1999]
"I have eaten at this rest. 4x's now and it has been ok, I just wish they would lower the price on their all you can eat sushi- if it were better tasting i could see paying a high price,but when it's average, you should only pay average, plus more people would go to this place for sushi if it was better priced...... "
- tiffany ( [January 8th 2002]
"If you want quality sushi, I suggest you find another place. The sushi was extremely hard and dry and old food and filth was found in the crevices of the habachi table. "
- sushi lover [February 19th 2002]
"We have been twice and the service and food have been excellent. I was surprised to read the negative reviews. I have yet to experience anything negative at this rest...It was awesome.[August 13th 2003] ------------------------------------------------- I never even got to try the food. We waited in front for a few minutes, then wandered around inside looking for someone to seat us. Everyone working there studiously avoided making eye contact, even when they looked at us, and nobody came to help us, so after five minutes we left. I've never before experienced such horrible service. Native Californian [Nov 11th 2005] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- I went to Hisui on Friday night, February 17th. I was seated at a table with other guest. That was ok with me. When the drinks were served a really big roach was in the orange juice. As you can imagine we were concered. When we asked to talk with management, they got extremely rude as if it were the fault of the customer. No one was hungry after that. Bad management reaction. Extremely rude. Bad service. I will never eat there again nor recommend the restaurant to anyone. "
- Kevin H. ( ) [Feb 19th 2006]


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