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Sushi Ran

Sushi Ran

Name:Sushi Ran
Address:107 Caledonia St., Sausalito, CA 94965
Phone:(415) 332-3620
Reviews:"Hi, I just wanted to tell you of my favorite sushi place to date.... The fish is fresh and fabulous. They have at least 20 different fish. But what I'm really here to talk about is the size ! Because size really does matter! The cuts of fish drape over the rice like you've never seen! At least one good bite on either sides of the rice ball to enjoy sashimi-style ! For two people w/sake, expect a check around $50-80. They also do a frequent-flyer type program, for regulars. "
- Celine von May ( [August 3rd 2002]
"THE BEST! I was just out in the Bay Area for 2 weeks, and ate at Sushi Ran twice. It is not only the best Sushi joint I have ever eaten in, it is right up there with the best restaurants I have ever eaten at. I enjoyed my meals there more than at Chez Panisse. I enjoyed it more than my experience at Nobu Next Door in NYC. Great sushi, also great other dishes, some of them with a Japanese/California twist. A great wine list, awesome selection of Sake. Great friendly service, and really nice desserts. If you are anywhere in the Bay Area, this is definately worth a trip. "
- Francesco ( (August 20th 2002]
"Definitely the best Sushi restaurant and I have eaten at of more than 100. "
- Andreas Stolz [August 30th 2004]
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