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Imura Mobo Sushi Naka Sushi
Pink Godzilla Shogun Sukeroku
Sushi Now! Takara


Name:Imura Japanese Restaurant
Address:1994-C Main Street, Santa Cruz, California
Phone:(831) 761-8799
Fax:(831) 761-9432
Opened:Mon-Fri 11am-2pm Mon-Thu 5pm-9pm Fri, Sat 5pm-9:30pm
Review:"Good Times (local Santa Cruz paper)"
- Kimberly

Santa Cruz

Mobo Sushi

Name:Mobo Sushi & The Moon
Address:105 S. River, Santa Cruz, CA
Phone:(831) 425-1700
Review:"I like Mobo for their huge selection of sushi. Some of the rolls I only encountered. Try the combination with nuts!! The restaurant is packed and I find it a little too dark inside. The sushi however is good and not expensive "
- Wout ( [Dec 15th 2005]

Santa Cruz

Naka Sushi

Name:Naka Sushi
Address:851 41st. Av., Santa Cruz, CA
Phone:(831) 479-9620

Santa Cruz

Pink Godzilla

Name:Pink Godzilla
Address:830 41st. Av., Santa Cruz, CA
Phone:(831) 464-2586
Review:"Im eating at Pink Godzilla right now (great sushi restaurant!), and showing Mitzu (owner) your URL for his restaurant. (Using wireless Internet connection and a Powerbook). Godzilla does not have their own homepage yet (although Im trying to talk him into creating one.)"
- John Larson ( [October 19th 1997]

Santa Cruz


Address:1123 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone:(831) 469-4477
Reviews:"I've been a sushi fanatic since the mid 70's. Started in San Francisco and now live in Santa Cruz. We have two of the best I've eaten at here in Santa Cruz. I prefer Shogun but when I can't abide the wait will go to Pink Godzilla which is also very good. "
- Howard Nelson ( [January 8th 2001]
"Nice and clean sushi place. Great fresh sushi and very good sashami. Been there various times and I always ended up ordering extra. Nice nicly presented large orders. "
- Wout ( [Dec 15th 005]

Santa Cruz


Address:1701 Mission & Bay, Santa Cruz, CA
Phone:(831) 426-6660
Opened:Mon:closed, Tue-Fri: noon-2pm,5:30pm-9pm, Sat/Sun:5:30pm-9pm
Review:" I have been going to Sukeroku for over twenty years and this husband/wife team never fails. The fish is always amazingly fresh and the service great. A small restaurant that offers dinners as well as a traditional sushi bar. I have not found any sushi or japanese food that compares to the art and talent of this restaurant. The tempura is light and will not leave a pile of oil behind. The udon is suberb with its light and colorful broth. The tea is served in hand made cups made across the street and fit perfectly in your hands. If you are ever passing through Santa Cruz on your way to or from the bay area I highly recommend that you stop in for some home made Japanese cooking ;-)"
- Jenna ( [March 21st 1999]

Santa Cruz

Sushi Now!

Name:Sushi Now!
Address:Corner of Pacific and Soquel, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone:(831) 429-1169
Fax:(831) 427-0111
Reviews:"This is a sushi kiosk. Outdoor bistro style. Eat on the run or sit and watch the world go by in downtown Santa Cruz. Best value in town. $3. rolls. "
- Matisse Selman
"This is a totally new concept in sushi establishments. It is a sushi kiosk in downtown Santa Cruz, California. Check out the web site!"
- Larry Selman

Santa Cruz


Address:1800 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA
Phone:(831) 457 8466
Review:"Sushi Bar open daily with great sushi and tempura, teriyaki, sashimi, sukiyaki."

Santa Cruz

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