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Kabuki Aedo Bang Bang
Japanese Cafe & Sushi Bar Kimmi's Toro Sushi Kissoya
Oiishi Sushi Seau´s, The Restaurant Shien of Osaka
Surfside Sushi Bar Nippon Sushi Ota
Todai Too Spice Girls Yakitori II
Yoshi Sushi


Name: Kabuki
Address:4475 Mission Boulevard, Suite C, San Diego,CA
Phone:(858) 483-9757
Review:"I love this place. it is affordable and nice...the sushi bar is great the boat is going around with variety of sushi! "
- [April 13th 2006]

San Diego


Name:Aedo Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Address:16405 Bernardo Center Dr, San Diego,CA
Phone:(858) 613-9000
Fax:(858) 613-9339
Opened:Daily: 11.30am -2.30pm, 4.30pm-10pm
Review:" Beer & wine, 7days open, party room,custom menu and more. "
- Lee Hwang ( [April 13th 2001]
Link:Restaurant Website

San Diego

Bang Bang

Name:Bang Bang
Address:526 Market St., San Diego, CA 92101
Phone:1(619) 677 bang
Opened:Tuesday - Sunday: 5 pm - 11pm
Review:" Very fresh and friendly "
- ( [ July 24, 2013]

San Diego

Japanese Cafe & Sushi Bar

Name:Japanese Cafe & Sushi Bar
Address:1555 Camino Del Mar, Suite #201, San Diego,CA
Phone: (858) 720-8789
Review:" Delicious sushi with Japanese ambience. For a romantic evening, reserve sunset seating outdoors or the booth next to the indoor aquarium. "
- mookie ( [May 12th 2001]

San Diego

Kimmi's Toro Sushi

Name:Kimmi's Toro Sushi
Address:6171 Mission Gorge Rd #103, San Diego, CA
Phone:(619) 2808551
Review:" "
- Lena ( [apr 29th 2013]

San Diego


Address:1250 Prospect St. La Lolla, San Diego, CA
Phone:(619) 459-8022
Review:"Kissoya is a great place to sit as they make the sushi for you and watch the rest of the crowd pass by through the bright, airy front windows of the restaurant. "

San Diego

Oiishi Sushi

Name:Oiishi Sushi
Address:10606 Camino Ruiz #6, San Diego, CA
Phone:(858) 586-0606
Review:"Very, very, very good and very reasonable. One of the best spots in San Diego. The owners are very well known as they are involved in other expensive sushi restaurants in the area... "
- Rydogg ( [Feb 3rd 2005]

San Diego

Seau´s, The Restaurant

Name:Seau´s, The Restaurant
Address:Mission Valley Mall, San Diego, California
Review:"Best Sushi in San Diego that our Group has found. friendly, fresh and great."
- Mark Hildenbrand

San Diego

Shien of Osaka

Name:Shien of Osaka
Address:16769 Bernardo Center San Dr Diego, CA 92128
Phone:(858) 451-0074
Review:"I haven't tried 'Sushi Ota' yet, but Shien of Osaka is currently my favorite sushi restaurant in San Diego. They are difficult to find, yet always crowded, which is usually a green flag. Their food has a certain snap of quality not to be found elsewhere; exceptionally fresh ingredients, friendly service, and impressive, beautiful, large rolls. My favorites are the rainbow roll and the dragon roll. Their platters are also very nice. "
- Ryan Toso ( [May 3rd 2005]

San Diego


Address:4527 Mission Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92109
Phone:(858) 273-2979
Opened:Sun-Thur: 5.30-10.30 pm, weekends until 11 pm
Review:" "
- Claire D. ( [May 14th 2004]

San Diego

Sushi Bar Nippon

Name:Sushi Bar Nippon
Address:532 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone:(619) 544-9779
Fax:(619) 544-9795
Reviews:" The Sushi Bar Nippon restaurant in San Diego´s Gaslamp district is the closest thing to going back to Japan. The fish is flown in from Japan, and hand picked at the fish market by the chef. It is small and very Japanese on the inside. You can find the menu in both Japanese and English, and you will always find visitors from Japan enjoying the tastes of home away from home. I love this restaurant and visit it at least once a month. The fish is extremly fresh, especially the ama ebi (sweet shrimp) which is still moving when it´s served. For a ´real´ sushi experience, this is the place to go in San Diego since 1983."
- Joy Hanawa ( [April 11th 1999]
"We didn't find this restaurant to be as good as the one review states. While the sushi was okay, it wasn't super-fresh. The people were friendly and the plates & walls were interesting to look at, we didn't think food was worth the price. "
- Phil Doerr ([March 11th 2002]
"This restaurant was wonderful. Sushi Chef Akira was quick and made wonderful food. The atmosphere was very inviting and our waitress Kaori was very attentive. We got smiles from the time we walked in until we left. We tried everything. Unfortunately they did not have fresh/live raw shimp sushi that night like the first review had stated that they had tried. Otherwise the fish was fresh and the portions were decent sized. I would come back for sushi the next time I'm in San Diego. "
- Eddie ( [June 18th 2002]
"Nippon is one of the best Sushi Bars in San Diego. I am a chef and I love to eat out, trying different types of cuisines. I've tried other Sushi Bars, but I really like the service I received at Nippon. After eating at Nippon I am hook on Sushi. The chefs there are very helpful and knowledgeable of sushi. Email: "
- Ron ( [June 19th 2002]
"I've been going to Nippon since well before Downtown was hip & trendy (or even safe for that matter!) and the quality & service has NEVER wavered. Always top notch! The sushi chefs/owners Akira & Nao have been the same the whole time ensuring that the quality is nothing but the very best. And they take the time to get to know their customers, especially if they start to recognize you. Truly a wonderful restaurant that offers a great atmosphere and a fantastic location! "
- Bev (franklin.atkinson NO SPAM [June 16th 2004]

San Diego

Sushi Ota

Name:Sushi Ota
Address:4529 Mission Bay Dr. (Pacific Beach), San Diego
Phone:(619) 270-5670
Reviews:"I would suggest Sushi Ota in San Diego as a restaurant listed in your guide. Chef Ota personally served me at the Sushi bar on a recent visit and it was excellent and the specials were both different and wonderful."
- Bruce Goldberg (
"Sushi Ota is one of my favorites in San Diego. Reservations are recommended because it´s always crowded."
- Chiang Tom ( [July 14th 1997]
"Definitely the best sushi I´ve ever had. Be sure and try the Seafood Dynamite."
- Darren ( [November 9th 1997]
" I am still a newcomer to the Sushi scene, but I have to say that Sushi Ota has made me into a true believer. I think I could become addicted to the stuff! I had first heard of this place from an old girlfriend, who actually first introduced me to sushi, and a group of friends were planning a dinner so I decided to join in. We started with some Tuna sashimi that was phenomenal! I ordered a sashimi combo special, and my friends (knowing more than I do) ordered a variety of sushi and rolls. The Soft Shell Crab Roll was especially good, as was the Calamari Roll that accompanied my sashimi combo. Everything just seemed to melt in your mouth. The House Sake was also very good. We finished with more Tuna sashimi and I ordered a Spicy Tuna Roll that was the capper to a terrific experience. I will return and bring my friends soon!"
- Todd ( [October 30th 1998]
"No visit to San Diego is complete without going to Sushi Ota. You´ll have to wait even if you have a reservation, but it´s worth it !"
- Paul St. Pierre ( [December 7th 1998]

San Diego


Address:2828 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92108
Phone:(619) 299-8996
Fax:(619) 299-9382
Review:"This place has it all. The best sushi and seafood buffet I've ever had! I always leave happy and and both me and my wallet leave stuffed unlike most sushi bars I've been to. "
- Tim Morgan [June 14th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website

San Diego

Too Spice Girls

Name:Too Spice Girls
Address:San Diego, CA
Phone:(760) 580-0900
Review:"Opened in Aug. 2004. Not a sushi restaurant, but something cool and different. The Too Spice Girls specialize in throwing sushi parties where everyone gets there own sushi setup, and everyone learns how to make a combination of different sushi rolls. "
- Amber ( [Sept 13th 2004]

San Diego

Yakitori II

Name:Yakitori II
Address:3740 Sports Arena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92110
Phone:(619) 223-2641
Fax:(619) 223-4503
Review:"I´ve been eating sushi at Yakitori II for 13 years. Their sushi is outstanding and the chefs are great. Toyoo is my favorite chef and has been there since my first time...ask for him...he´s hilarious!"
- Alecia Danielson ( [October 19th 1998]

San Diego

Yoshi Sushi

Name:Yoshi Sushi
Address:6715 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121
Phone:(858) 587-4755
Reviews:"Try the Stuffed Tomato! Hmmm..."
- Ken W (
"This is a great place with the best sushi, excellent service, and a nice semi-formal to casual dining experience. My boyfriend and I go there often at least once a month because we love their grilled salmon handrolls, hamachi, tuna, freshest of the fresh shrimp, and green tea ice cream. They also know what we will order before we even sit down. Luckily, my boyfriend can afford it because he works with his father's company ARMA Design. "
- Tina Vilafuerte ([April 1st 2002}

San Diego

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