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Higuma Suisha House Japanese Bistro


Address:540 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94063
Phone:(650) 369-3240
Reviews:"I can highly recommend this spot. I spent six years in Japan and it is the closest thing, taste-wise, to some of the finer restaurants I ate at in Japan. And it is extremely reasonable. But noone has to take my word for it. It is the favourite dining spot of the staff at Sony, Nikon, Sega and JTB."
"IMPORTANT: IT IS NOT CLOSED !!! It is still in the same location as always, and still serving very good sushi. I think your earlier message about it closing came from someone who just couldnīt find it. It is very small, in its own building (that looks like a converted old house), about a block south of Whipple on the west (really southwest) side of El Camino in Redwood City."
- Jim Eakin ( [October 3rd 1997]
"As a 4th generaton Japanese America who works in Consulting and travels extensively (United 1K member the past 5 years straight), I eat sushi probably 3 nights a week (beats hotel food). I've been to sushi bars in Japan and in pretty much every major (and many minor) cities both domestically and internationally. However, I still come back to Higuma (granted, its because its in my home town..but if you live close..this is the place). Higuma reminds you of the 'blue-collar' Sushi Bars you find in Japan. Outstanding sushi in a low-key environment. The combination of fresh sushi, a variety of Japanese appetizers and drink makes this place a wonderful choice for those who are just looking for a local place with exceptional Japanese food. I vote thumbs up! "
- Mike ( [Dec 13th 2002]
"A great spot. Affordable, friendly, and tasty. More than just the sushi is good. Ate there right after a business trip to Japan, to see if it held up, and it did - especially the Tonkatsu - perfectly cooked, and not greasy. "
- [Sept 14th 2005]

Redwood City

Suisha House Japanese Bistro

Name:Suisha House Japanese Bistro
Address:2053A Broadway Street, Redwood City, CA
Phone:(650) 367-7790
Reviews:"Opened in May 2004. Absolutely fabulous sushi restaurant! Service and food are excellent. Spicy tuna rolls are excellent. Try the tempura onion rings, you won't be disappointed. "
- Michael Stenske ( [August 25th 2004]
"This is a great restaurant! The service is so good and the food is excellent! We've gone back several times and never been disappointed. "
- [Dec 23rd 2005]

Redwood City

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