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California Roll and Sushi Fish Naka Sushi Tomi Sushi

California Roll and Sushi Fish

Name:California Roll and Sushi Fish
Address:215 Avenue I, Redondo Beach , CA 90277
Phone:(310) 543-0586
Fax:(310) 543-0786
Review:" California Roll & Sushi Fish has one of the best selections in the South Bay. The fish is always fresh, and the prices are very affordable! "
- Heather Saunders [February 12th 2003]

Redondo Beach

Naka Sushi

Name:Naka Sushi
Address:On PCH, between Ave F and Ave G, Redondo Beach, CA
Review:" I've eaten tons of sushi in the South Bay over the years, and somehow hadn't heard of this place until a coworker recommended it. Went there last night, and Wow!, I was not disappointed. I haven't eaten that much since Thanksgiving years ago. If you like real, *quality* sushi, not OK-cheap-I-like-a-lot-of-food-for-little-money sushi, this is one of the very best in the South Bay. It's a little one-man operation, and Naka is friendly and rightfully proud of his sushi. The quality is excellent, and he knows how to make things right - no Tabasco or that cheap red chili sauce in the spicy tuna here (If you know quality sushi, you know exactly what I mean!). The albacore with garlic sauce is not to be missed, you'll wish you had two stomachs. "
- Pete Rihaczek ( (August 31st 2002]

Redondo Beach

Tomi Sushi

Name:Tomi Sushi
Address:402 S. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach, CA 90277-3735
Phone:(310) 316-6268
Review:"Tomo Sushi was my favorite sushi bar of all time before I moved away from California. Koba-san had the best fish and prepared them with skill and good humor. Do try it !"
- Randy Brewer ( [August 22nd 1998]

Redondo Beach

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