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Sato Senro Japanese Bar & Grill Shun
Sozo Sushi Todai


Name:Sato Japanese Cuisine
Address:3015 Hopyard Road(Hopyard Village), Pleasanton, CA
Review:" The chef's 'Gary' and 'Marco' produce an exceptional variety of sushi, in this mid-size restaurant. The fish is of the finest quality, and is fully appreciated by the clientele, judging by the full tables and bar most evenings. Interaction between the chef's and their customers at the bar, adds to a thoroughly enjoyable sushi dining experience. "
- David Rose ( [December 2nd 2000]


Senro Japanese Bar & Grill

Name:Senro Japanese Bar & Grill
Address:30 W. Neal St. Pleasanton, CA 94566
Phone:(925) 600-8040
Review:"Openend in march 2003. Stop By and Check Us out. "
- Senro ( [May 12th 2003]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:3120 "G" Santa Rita Road, Pleasanton, CA
Phone:(925) 484-4827
Fax:(925) 484-0085
Review:" A great small restaurant. Fish is of the highest quality I have experienced in the Pleasanton area. The entree dishes are great, too. On top of the great food are the great staff/chefs whose love for Japanese cuisine shows in their food. "
- Ken ( [January 3rd 2001]


Sozo Sushi

Name:Sozo Sushi
Address:2835 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA
Phone:(925) 484-5588
Fax:(925) 484-5589
Reviews:"Very popular (busy) 54 seat restaurant. Casual dining. Good service. Good food. Good price."
- Jim Manderscheid ( [November 1st 2000]
"Doubled in size due to popularity from 54 to 108 seats. Improved decor and atmosphere. Casual, friendly and fun. Food and service are great, with the best prices in town. Doesn't use walkin's freezers, uses limited number of upright reidges/freezers to guarentee fresh daily delivery of supplies! Sauces are from scratch. Very creative maki menu. "
- Jim Manderscheid ( [April 13th 2004]
"Sozo Sushi was voted '2004 Best Sushi Restaurant' in Pleasanton! Article/review about Sozo Sushi in Pleasanton Weekly also mentions 'The Sushi World Guide'. Thank you to all our customers! "
- Namhee Han ( [Sept 22nd 2004]
"I live over 400 miles from Sozo Sushi. It is a destination sushi restaurant in my book. If I am anywhere in the Bay Area, I will drive 50 miles to enjoy their very fine crafted Makis. Some of favs are the Maui Wowie and Baja Makis. The Tako Hawaiian Salad is a taste sensation. Their Udon bowls are clean without being salty like other sushi restaurants. Been all over the world eating sushi - this is one of the top 3 (the other two are in JPN). "
- Terry May - Woodland Hills, CA [Dec 21st 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:2249 Stoneridge Mall, Pleasanton, CA 94588
Phone:(925) 469-9100


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