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Isobune Sushi Koryo Sushi Kotobuki
Mr. Sushi Yoshi´s

Isobune Sushi

Name:Isobune Sushi
Address:5897 College Avenue, Oakland, CA
Phone:(510) 601-1424
Opened:11.30am - 10pm
Reviews:"Excellent fresh sushi delivered by sushi boats that float around the bar! Price are low and the quality is high. "
- Frank Kirwin ( [January 3oth 2001]
"fairly inexpensive, but quality of sushi is consistently in the 'fair' category only. Stick with the other menu items. "
- Bobby FishMiester [August 16th 2004]


Koryo Sushi

Name:Koryo Sushi
Address:4390 Telegraph Ave., #G, Oakland, CA
Phone:(510) 594-0661
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11.30am-3pm, Mon-Sat: 5pm-2am, Sund: 5pm-11pm
Reviews:"What a pleasure to have found your website! My husband and I have traveled far & wide, looking for sushi wherever it can be found! Living in the East Bay (Oakland CA), we have been fans of Sushi California ever since their doors openend in the late 80īs. We just discovered a new place in North Oakland worth mentioning! The place is called KORYO SUSHI. The prices, the sushi and the service are all excellent. Itīs a small but bright place. The hours are EXTRA - SPECIAL for nightowls, being opened until 2AM Monday through Saturday, 11pm on Sundays! I think its the only Sushi in East Bay open after midnight! Hallelujah! Banzai!! They opened in December 1996. Dine in or take out. Enjoy your wasabi!!"
- Constance Lawrence ( [July 14th 1997]
"Fresh sushi, nice atmosphere, prompt service-will go there again! "
- bd700 ( [Dec 12th 2005]



Address:3920 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA
Phone:(510) 658-3119
Review:"The only Japanese restaurant on the Piedmont Avenue strip in North Oakland, Kotobuki has a small sushi bar with seating for about 8 people, plus regular dining. The regular dining menu offers nothing out of the ordinary for a Japanese restaurant in the US.The main sushi chef is a Tokyo native who´s been in the Oakland area since the late 1980´s (the owner is a Taiwanese fellow who lived in Japan for a while). He´s got a good eye for the fish - the hamachi (yellowtail) and maguro (tuna) tend to be good, and he usually has a few interesting out-of-the-ordinary things. The regular dining menu is OK if you´re desperate - and much better than what´s to be had on Grand Avenue nearby - but the sushi is not bad at all and in fact quite good for Oakland. They usually have a few somewhat-more-interesting brands of sake available (Otokoyama, Onigoroshi, etc.) as well as the inevitable Gekkeikan and Shochikubai."
- Carl Freiere ( [January 22nd 1999]


Mr. Sushi

Name:Mr. Sushi Japanese Cuisine
Address:532 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610
Phone:(510) 834-7866
Opened:11.30am - 10pm
Review:"Kenny´s (the owner and only sushi chef) fish is always best. Kenny´s knowledge of his craft is staggering, always more than willing to share his culinary secrets with his customers. Ask Kenny ´whats good tonight?´ and he´ll NEVER lead you wrong. We keep telling him he needs to clone himelf (service can take a little while sometimes), as he´s the only chef. Kenny is also a perfectionist, he REALLY cares about the food, it´s a refreshing approach to sushi. Mr. Sushi is well worth the drive from anywhere, and the prices are unbelievably low. Get some while you can, the word is out!"
- Eric [January 8th 1998]
- Hao Ching Liu (



Address:Jack London Square, Oakland
Phone:(510) 652-9200
- Constance Lawrence ( [July 14th 1997]


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