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Aki Sushi Kinokawa Shioji CLOSED !
Sushi of Naples Sushi Studio Tokyo Wako

Aki Sushi

Name:Aki Sushi
Address:1626 E 7th St Long Beach, CA
Phone:(562) 436-8180
Review:" Open since 1999. This is the best sushi I've had in Long Beach or Orange County. Great chefs will make any roll you could possibly want, and if you have trouble deciding, they will often help you out by creating something special just for you. The presentation is excellent and the atmosphere is too! The fish is incredibly fresh and delicious and the food is very authentic. You may even be offered a taste of a deep fried whole fish - the head is the best part! The service is great and to top it all off the restaurant is combined with a Thai restaurant for those picky eaters who refuse to enjoy the sushi. The only drawback is the crowds on a Friday or Saturday night."
- [May 15th 2001]

Long Beach


Address:1611 East Wardlow Road, Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone:(562) 427-8737
Fax:(562) 424-2996
Review:" Open since 1977. I have been eating here for many years and never had a bad meal. This place looks like a hole in the wall, but it is, without question, the best in Long Beach and the area. Kei Nakai is a friendly elderly host, and he and his wife keep the place very traditional. Don't expect fast service but the food is exceptional. They carry a decent selection of sake (Toronoko, Kurosawa, Geikkeikan, Sho Chiku Bai) Always fresh and excellent: Albacore salad, Tobiko with wasabi, Ankimo, ANY roll. Don't waste money at a pretentious place; it's just as good here, and MUCH better than Naples. "
- Bob Freeman ( [October 13th 2000]

Long Beach

Shioji CLOSED !

Name:Shioji CLOSED !
Address:Westin Long Beach, 333 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone:(562) 436-3000
Opened:Mon-Sat: lunch, Daily dinner
Reviews:"If you are in Long Beach go visit ´Earl Burns Japanese Garden´ at California State University, 1250 Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach. Tel: 985-8885. The Japanese Garden offers quiet contemplation, docent-led tours and an unusual setting for wedding ceremonies."
- Richard ( [June 29th 1998]
"Shioji was a beautifully appointed bar, with a fresh but limited menu. Since Westin took over, it was closed. Don't try to find it. A few blocks over on Pine Avenue, a new 'Wasabi' restaurant is opening, and Mum's has a serviceable sushi bar. "
- Bob Freeman ( [October 13th 2000]

Long Beach

Sushi of Naples

Name:Sushi of Naples
Address:5470 E 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA 90803-3944
Phone:(562) 434-1122
Reviews:"I cannot believe you did not list the Sushi of Naples. Could you please update your listing to include the best damn sushi place in this state. I would be happy to see it listed among the others. Thank you and happy sushi days..."
- ( [September 3rd 1997]
"This place is pretty forgettable. Orders are relayed to someone in the back. Like to watch ? You won´t get that here. The prices are reasonable and the service is OK, but the sushi is truly mediocre. I find the build-quality to be amateurish and I can honestly say that the fish used in the packaged sushi found at my local Pavillion´s is fresher and more flavorful than that used here - and the overall experience is about the same. Try Tokyo Hibachi in Long Beach instead. While their sushi is not the best I´ve had (but better than average), they seem to actually care about it. (Not to be confused with the one in Pasadena, which I´ve not been to)."
- Scott Kaczorowski ( [April 20th 1998]
"Once upon a time, Sushi of Naples was a small local sushi place. While never exceptional, it was reliable. With their hiatus and move a few years ago, they began a rapid slide into ´gaijin garbage´. As the previous reviewer noted, sushi preparation is hidden from view and the fish is rarely as fresh as you´d like. The previous reviewer noted Tokyo Hibachi in Lakewood as an alternative. Recent visits to this establishment have proven to be even less enjoyable than trips to Sushi of Naples for me. As always, your mileage may vary."
- Richard ( [June 29th 1998]
" Sushi of Naples seems to be a nice place to get some quick sushi...nice service and good prices. But Tokyo Hibachi in Lakewood is far tastier and the ambiance makes it a great place to relax with friends. "
- gm [October 2nd 2000]
" I can't believe these wanna be sushi critics can even complain about Sushi of Naples. What morons! I've been to over 30 sushi restaurants in the L.A., Orange County, and a few in San Fransisco. Sushi of Naples is definitely in my top 5 sushi places to hit if your in the area. You can watch them make the sushi if your at the sushi bar, the ambiance is great, the food is exceptional, and the prices are very reasonable. Great place to take a date. "
- Jon (February 25th 2001]

Long Beach

Sushi Studio

Name:Sushi Studio
Address:4917 E. PCH, Long Beach, CA 90804
Phone:(562) 498-9008
Review:"Sushi Studio is a nice little restaurant on top of the hill on PCH just south of the traffic circle. Opening in March 2003, the friendly Thai family that runs it is very attentive and is ready with a re-fill with scalding-hot tea or deliver up yet another cold sake. The operative claim to fame here is either the proximity to Brooks college, which I suspect is why the happy hour starts at 3, or the many rolls. More two pages of them, including a good number of spicy rolls, more than other bars of the same ilk. A baked scallop roll, a nice spicy tuna concoction, as well as the requisite rainbow and caterpillar rolls are served. Fish is fresh, specials are worth a visit and the hours are friendly. I've had a positive experience at this establishment, and the people it gathers is for the most part a pretty friendly group—somewhat an anamoly in LA. Lunch specials for the flock of schoolgirls and suits that share the area 9-5 are available. Parking is limited and the res! taurant tends to be a bit hot, which are the worst things I can say about this place. They must be making someone happy as there is always a small crowd lying in wait for their place. "
- Dan ( [Nov 17th 2005]

Long Beach

Tokyo Wako

Name:Tokyo Wako
Address:Rainbow Harbor ,310 S. Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone:(562) 435-7600
Opened:Mon-Thur:11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-10pm,Fri: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-10.30pm, Sat 12pm-10.30pm , Sun 12pm-9.30pm
Reviews:" "
- Michael [Dec 12th 2005]
"We decided to try this restaurant instead of going to P.F. Changs. Boy, was that a mistake. The value for the food and the taste was very poor! They are a bootleg Benihana's minus the taste and atmosphere. We ordered the deep fried chicken wings but instead I think we got pigeon or duck. The noodles were even bad. This restaurant has a lot of improvements to make and I will not be recommending this restaurant to anyone. "
- LaTina ( [April 24th 2006]
"I actually really enjoy Tokyo Wako. They may have started slow but they really picked up. They reduced their prices and the Sushi is in a very good quality. The Su-chef Viktor is always nice and does a great job. I highly recommend this place as one of the best Sushi if not the best in Long Beach, CA! "
- Mer [Jan 2nd 2007]

Long Beach


Address:200 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA
Phone:(562) 901-0300
Reviews:"Opened in 2000, Wasabi is pretty new, but their business is really picking up. This is a rock n' roll sushi restaurant. It's fun, great teppan chefs, and great sushi! Check it out......"
- [May 19th 2001]
"Worst sushi ever. I love sushi and was really disappointed by the food and service. It's a fun place to hang out, but if you want good sushi steer clear of this place. It's fun for a beer. My sushi chef left before I got all the sushi I ordered. I waited thinking he was using the bathroom facilities or something of that sort. Turns out he was done and just left without saying a word. Crap. "
- Shawna [Sept 13th 2004]
"I went to Wasabi saturday 2/5/2005 just to get a good sushi in a relaxed atmosphere. What I had was one of the worst restaurant experiences I've ever had. I didn't like sushi at all. Rice was too dry and spicy tuna did not taste anything like spicy tuna. Crunchy roll looked like it was smashed and creme brule is whole another story. I understand that they are a rock'n roll/sushi bar but please take sushi out of that. How could someone play Korn, Jimmy eat the world, Franz Ferdinand in a restaurant, especially in a sushi restaurant. I've been to sushi restaurants in Paris, London, Istanbul, New York, San Francisco, but never had an experience like this. Dressing up waitresses in a sexy way does not improve the service. Our finished plates sat on our table all night. Nobody came and pick it up. Do I have to remind a waitress that she has to pick up our plates after we're done with it? I guess it works like that in Wasabi. I hope they change their image as a sushi bar and serve steak instead, that's more appropriate for your atmosphere. You can call it 'A1' or 'Worcestershire'. Thank you for taking your time and reading my email. "
- Omar ( [Feb 8th 2005]
"Wasabi, located in prime date night territory on Pine Ave., is a trainwreck of a sushi bar. If you are all about the tattooed waitresses in black wife beaters, or the painted flames and choppers on display, you will be happy as Tim Burton on Halloween, especially if you are the see and be seen type. Your sushi experience will be strangely bereft of anything remotely asian, with guys with names like Tad and Miguel who are in charge of the roll and sushi prep. Multiple sushi and teppan areas, as well as actual bars, make certain the wall to wall crowd of posers will be stuffed in appropriately. Service is struggling and the food frankly is unremarkable, though curiously enough, wrapping it up in all the retro cycle rock-n-roll wanna be crap doesn't make the food taste better. "
- Dan ( [Nov 117th 2005]
"I agree. This place isn't the best. Last time I ate there was months ago. I ordered sushi, and guess what wasn't on the plate? Wasabi! Isn't that the name of the place? I was quite annoyed after that. "
- Anonymous [Feb 19th 2006]
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