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Kawa Sushi New Mally's Sushi & Sandwich Shop (former Stove Pipe Sushi & San

Kawa Sushi

Name:Kawa Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Address: 2180 Third St., Livermore, CA
Phone:(925) 606-7222
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11.30am-2pm, 5pm-9.30pm, Fri: 11.30am-2pm, 5-10pm, Sat,Sun:5pm-10pm
Reviews:"Good quality sushi, fresh and well prepared. Can be crowded during lunch, and service can be a bit slow. "
- Esa Laitinen ( [March 23rd 2003]
"Delicious Sushi and wonderful decor. Recently opened a new Tepan Style restaurant in the back. "
- Eric Goods ( [August 24th 2004]
"Great Food. The service is great ever since they changed ownership. I've been to sushi restaurants all over and I have to say that Kawa Sushi is my favorite. The quality is exceptional, and the atmosphere is outstanding. I suggest everyone to try this place at least once. "
- Kevin Johnson (April 2nd 2006]


New Mally's Sushi & Sandwich Shop (former Stove Pipe Sushi & San

Name:New Mally's Sushi & Sandwich Shop (former Stove Pipe Sushi & San
Address:385 S Livermore Ave, Livermore, CA 94550
Phone:(925) 455-9040
Fax:925 455-9041
Reviews:"This is a good place to have a luch. Place is clean, sushi is affordable (not to mention good) and cashier don't always speak English (or Spanish, for that matter). This is a place to eat sushi, not a place for showing off. Weather permitting you can go to eat your sushi outside. "
- Esa Laitinen ( [March 23rd 2003]
"Founded in 1920 ! Great sushi and sandwiches, fast and easy."
- Doug Mann ( [March 27th 2005]
"New Mally's is wonderful! My husband loves sushi and I don't. They have a great Mother Earth sandwich. We both get yummy food and friendly service. This is a terrific casual dining experience. "
- Sandy Williams ([May 11th 2005]
"I live and work in downtown Livermore and there are many choices to eat lunch. Since I've eaten at New Mally's Sushi & Sandwich Shop, there's only one choice for me. Fresh, generous and delicious menu items and a delightful staff, need I say more? "
- Michael Ferrucci ( [May 15th 2005]


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