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Sushi on the Rock

Sushi on the Rock

Name: Sushi on the Rock
Address:7734-A Girard Avenue, La Jolla (San Diego), CA 92037
Phone:(858) 456-1138
Fax:(858) 456-1185
Review:" Sushi on the Rock is located in downtown La Jolla in a storefront setting. The restaurant features table seating and an expensive sushi bar. Recommend getting there early (before 6 pm) as the place fills up quickly. The ingredients were top notch. Of particular note were the salmon and ama-ebi (accompanied by HUGE fried heads). The spider roll was also quite good. The only criticism is that I thought they were a bit stingy with the uni (which was sold at "market rate"). For those prices, one should receive a bigger serving. But what was served was quite good. For dessert, green tea ice cream comes served in martini glasses with whipped cream. If you are staying in downtown La Jolla, Sushi on the Rock is a good place to get a quality 'sushi fix'! from: "
- David Epstein ( [February 13th 2003]

La Jolla

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