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Hayward Japan Grill Tomodachi Wakamatsu

Hayward Japan Grill

Name:Hayward Japan Grill
Address:920 C Street, Hayward, CA 94541
Phone:(510) 889-8432
Opened:Mon-Sat 11am-3pm 3pm-9pm Sun 4pm-9pm
Review:"The food is wonderful and inexpensive. Not high atmosphere, but a great place to go for a substantial lunch or dinner. My favorite is a Bento lunch with Chicken Teriyaki, rice, tempura, soup, salad and tea. All this for $4.99! The dinner version is only $8.99! You never walk away hungry at this restaurant. If you have kids who wonŽt touch Japanese food, they also have American fare such as Hamburgers and BLT. And even fish dishes and steaks, but the emphasis is on Japanese food. They are in the process of opening a sushi bar (it may already be open), even though you can order sushi from the menu now. Try it, youŽll love it!"
- Stephanie Philp



Address:24123 Hesperian Blvd,Hayward, CA 94545
Phone:(510) 940-3800
Review:"One of the best sushi places I have been to from San Jose to San Fransico, me and all my japanese and chinese friends go their try everything from tradition soups in tea pots to raiders roll! You will never be disapointed, a little on the pricer side but you pay for what you get! "
- Ian ( [June 27th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:22724 Foothill Blvd., Hayward, CA 94541
Phone:(510) 886-6972
Review:" Consistently fresh, excellent sushi for the last 20+ years. Quality of meats used in cooked dishes not as good, but it's my standard for sushi. "
- Kate Bartolomei ( [October 23rd 2000]


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